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Men desiring to have a bigger penis have several treatment options available including penis enlargement surgery. Total Penis Health, a website specializing in reviewing male enhancement products, has tackled the subject of surgery and whether or not it’s a good option.

Penile enlargement surgery has been around for quite a while, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good thing. Total Penis Health, a web-based informational portal focused on male enhancement issues, warns men to be cautious when considering such surgery.

According to the website the surgical procedure is not “minor” despite the fact it is categorized as such. They echo the medical community in stating the fact that all invasive surgery carries with it a certain amount of risk. That risk, they say, makes penis enlargement surgery a last resort.

“If you’re considering penis enlargement surgery please take the time to read the information we put together here,” says Total Penis Health. “At least then you can make an informed decision.”

The website’s authors point out that there are two different types of penile enlargement surgery. The first is known as phalloplasty; a procedure which involves severing the tendons that hold the penis to the pelvic bone. Although this procedure can add a little bit of additional size it results in erections pointing down rather than up.

The second procedure involves injecting fat cells into the penile tissue. This procedure is even less desirable because it results in a non-uniform appearance. Those of fat deposits usually break down and disintegrate over time as well.

Total Penis Health reminds men there are other options besides surgery. For a temporary size increase men can use creams and lotions, oral supplements, or penis pumps. Though care should be taken when selecting such products they are mostly safe and effective on a temporary basis.

For permanent results men should consider a penis enlargement device based on a medical procedure known as “traction.” The website reviews several such products, offering the pros and cons of each as well as a final grade. Total Penis Health also reviews the other options mentioned above.

Men looking for male enhancement solutions of any kind are encouraged to visit the Total Penis Health website at their earliest convenience. The site is an ever-expanding resource of information provided by knowledgeable staff and a group of volunteer expert contributors. You can find the website at

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