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The Male G-Spot

Men everywhere have been searching for ways to locate and stimulate their female partner’s G-spots. As a matter of fact, the G-spot has been the obsession of man since the beginning of time. Why? Because The Male G-Spotmyths, legends, and a certain amount of medical evidence suggests a man who can successfully work the G-spot can give his partner explosive orgasms. And since that’s a strong desire of most males, it stands to reason they would want to be able to figure this thing out.

With all that said, were you aware that men have a G-spot of their own? It’s true. Most men have that one particular area somewhere on the shaft or head of the penis that is measurably more sensitive than any other location. To avoid confusion with female terminology, some doctors and sexologists refer to it as the “sweet spot.” It’s believes that a woman who can find and stimulate this spot can help her lover achieve equally astronomical orgasms. Here are some of the most common locations:

  • The Glans – It’s just assumed that the most sensitive part of the male organ is the glans. In many men that’s true. But that doesn’t necessarily equate to the glans being the sweet spot. When it is, it makes the job of the female fairly easy since it is the area of the penis most involved in sexual activity. Stimulating the glans through any number of means can, by itself, bring a man to orgasm if it is his sweet spot.
  • Under the Glans – For some men the sweet spot is located just under the glans. It’s easy to see why when you consider the fact that there is a ridge of sorts which sticks out ever so slightly before curving around and sloping down. The extra blood flow needed to create this ridge may explain why it is so sensitive in some men. For men whose sweet spot is located here, oral stimulation is an excellent way to achieve a great orgasm.
  • Underside of the Shaft – The underside of the shaft holds a lot of potential, especially for circumcised men. Because the tendon that holds the penis to the abdomen leads to erections pointing up, the skin on the underside of the shaft needs to be more elastic. This added elasticity also increases sensitivity and provides for a sweet spot for some men. If the sweet spot is located on the underside of the shaft it may take some diligent investigation to find it.
  • The Base – For some men the sweet spot is located at the base of the penis right where the testicles are attached. This may be in part due to the sensitive nature of testicular skin. Either way, maximum orgasmic pleasure for these types of men is achieved by stimulating the base of the penis and testicles simultaneously.

Size and the G-Spot

Ever since the discovery of the male G-spot some years ago, there have been considerable questions as to whether or not increased size would also increase its sensitivity as well. Evidence suggests that might be the case.

Why? Because of the mechanisms that cause sensitivity.

It’s well documented that the male penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.  It is so sensitive in some men that orgasm is possible simply from the friction caused from walking down the street with an erection. The fact is the skin covering the penis is a bit thinner while at the same time the nerves are closer to the surface. When we combine these two things with increased blood flow, you have penis that is sensitive to even the most subtle influences like temperature and airflow.

Where the sweet spot is concerned, it is believed that increased size may increase the sweet spot because it produces more skin and a larger surface area for blood and nerves. In other words, the sensitivity lies in the skin. If you increase the size of the penis you are also increasing the size of the skin along with it. More skin equals more nerves and blood, and thus, greater sensitivity. All of this is still being investigated but it wouldn’t surprise us if it was proved true by the evidence.

Safely Enlarging the Penis

If scientific studies do prove increased size also increases the male G-spot, it could be one more reason men want to enlarge their members. Thankfully, there is a safe and effective way to do it with a penis enlargement device that utilizes the traction principle. An example of such devices is the Quick Extender Pro. This particular enlargement device is one of the market leaders because of their unique double strap technology.

By wearing a Quick Extender Pro four 4-6 hours per day, most men can achieve at least an inch or two of growth within six months. The Quick Extender Pro offers a safe and effective way to add length and girth to your penis permanently. It may also increase the sensitivity of your G-spot at the same time.


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