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From Shady Deals to Clinical Trials – The Evolution of the Male Enhancement Industry  

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There are a number of industries which have evolved from humble beginnings and seemingly against all odds. Even the car was originally seen as little more than a fad and surely would never replace horses and carriages for transportation. The same idea was held when television sets first appeared – no one thought those funny electric boxes could compete with live Male enhancement clinical trialtheatre or radio shows. Today, of course, we know these two inventions changed the world, for better or worse.

The male enhancement industry has evolved in a similar way. The beginnings of the industry are somewhat cloudy since male enhancement products have existed in some form since the earliest recorded times. Throughout ancient lands there were methods for men to improve their stamina, increase their sexual arousal and even increase the size of their penis. These methods and recipes were passed around between friends and handed down from one generation to another with no commercial intervention until around the mid-1800s.

Commercializing Sexual Health

In the mid-1800s, America was a place where people could make a good living going from town to town selling all sorts of miracle cures and improvement devices. Back then, these elixirs were often called Patent Medicine which gave the impression to the public that the medications and potions had been tested and put through rigorous government trials. In fact, many of these so-called medicines were little more than sugar, alcohol and, in some cases, heavy doses of narcotics.

When people began to realize Patent Medicine was little more than snake oil, it tainted the entire industry. For years anything associated with treating a medical condition at home was seen as highly suspect – a belief that remains with many people today. But as the 1800s drew to a close, one man stepped forward to change the face – and the reputation – of the male enhancement industry.

The Dawn of a New Age

In the early 1900s Otto Ledever introduced the first commercially available penis pump. This pump was truly patented and had been approved by the US Government, which Ledever used in his advertisements to increase the device’s profile. Better yet – it actually worked. Ledever’s early model worked in much the same way modern vacuum pumps work now.

The success of Ledever’s penis pumps marked the dawning of a new age for men who wanted reliable products to improve their sex life. While there were still plenty of unscrupulous dealers around, Ledever’s success proved that there were real products that could perform as promised. Over the next few decades, male enhancement products were fairly hit and miss but advancements made in nutrition and pharmacology continued to trickle down and be turned into sexual enhancement products. Then, of course, the Internet changed everything once again.

Once products began to be available on the internet, it was only a matter of time before male enhancement reviews began cropping up. Originally, male enhancement reviews were scattered around the internet and not organized in any meaningful way. But, as companies and consumers began to realize how valuable male enhancement reviews could be, websites dedicated to helping men began to crop up as did a better way to organize the reviews on retail sites.

Today, the widespread use of male enhancement reviews has made it easy for men to learn the truth about any sexual enhancement product quickly and easily. These reviews have been one of the biggest forces in changing the male enhancement industry as they have been a way not only for men to warn one another about dubious products but also to help the industry learn what men want. These reviews have fueled research and development while also empowering men all over the world. Today, male enhancement products and penis enlargement devices are being subjected to true clinical trials and undergoing rigorous testing in response to the changes over the past decade. At the end of that day, men stepping forward with their honest reporting may have been the biggest game changer for this developing industry.


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