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Overcoming Genetics

Overcoming Genetics

All during school biology classes, we’re told that genetics play a huge role in determining how our bodies develop.  They are responsible for everything from our height to some of our health issues.  Of course, they also help determine penis size. In addition to genetics, age can also play a factor in our sexual health.  But what can you do if it seems like your genes have screwed you on penis size?  Well, that’s where male enlargement products like the penis extender come in.

Overcoming GeneticsThe size of your penis is determined before you’re even born due to specific hormones.  The hormones and genes that determine the size of your penis come from both your mother and father, so you can’t put all of the blame on one of them.  Also, since no two sperm are exactly alike, it’s possible for one child to have a large penis and his brother to have a below-average sized penis.

Over time, your penis will start to develop according to the plan laid out in your genes, but it doesn’t do this all at once, and it actually continues to develop for a much longer period of time than many people suspect.  During adolescence, of course, the penis goes through a number of changes as men become sexually aware and active.  However, most men don’t know that the penis actually keeps growing through their twenties, too.  It’s even possible that your penis will not reach its full size until you’re 30!  The age at which the penis stops growing differs for each man.  Don’t worry too much if you’re in your early twenties and are still a bit small.

But if you have reached your thirties and are unhappy with what genetics has given you, you can fix it!  You can use e penis extender to increase your total penis size.  It works be convincing your body to start adding new cells to your shaft, creating permanent length.  Even if your penis hasn’t stopped growing, you can use the penis extender to give it a boost!  The penis extender is one way of permanently adding length without dealing with risky surgery or exercises.  It’s safe, easy to use, and very affordable.


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