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Natural Male Enhancement Supplements: Do They Work?

Pills to improve male sexual function have been around for years.  The benefits of pills such as Viagra are well-known.  However, natural male enhancement supplements are relatively new on the scene and still cast a lot of doubt in people’s minds as to whether or not they actually work.

What are Natural Male Enhancement Supplements?

Male Enhancement SupplementsAs the name suggests, natural male enhancement supplements are supplements which are normally taken on a regular basis to improve overall male sexual function.  Unlike Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, the leading prescription drugs available for male sexual dysfunction treatment, natural supplements use only 100% natural ingredients.

The aim of the supplements is to tackle not one, but a variety of sexual dysfunctions which can impair a man’s ability to lead a healthy sex life.  They are a safer alternative to chemical drugs and surgical procedures which are littered with hazardous side-effects.

Supplements of this kind tackle problems such as:

  • Impotence (erectile dysfunction or ED) – The inability to achieve or maintain a fully hard erection.  There are different stages to this condition.  Men may be able to achieve an erection at any given time but it could be weak.  Alternatively they could achieve a full erection only to lose it during intercourse or in the worst case scenario, they are unable to achieve any kind of erection at all.
  • Premature Ejaculation (PE) – PE is defined as a condition where the man ejaculates before he or his partner would like.  To be considered PE in its truest sense, the problem must be consistent.  Times which a man takes to ejaculate are quite irrelevant with the emphasis being on whether or not the couple is satisfied. That being said, if the man ejaculates before he has even entered his partner it is generally a clear cut indication of the presence of PE.
  • Loss of libido – Men that suffer from an unexpected or sudden loss of libido can often feel disorientated, as it is not a problem commonly associated with males.  A man’s desire to have sex is often linked in his mind (subconsciously or otherwise) to his masculinity, as are many things to do with sex.
  • Sexual stamina – Men who seem to run out of steam during intercourse can often become despondent and feel as though they are somehow letting their partners down.  These feelings of inadequacy can quickly affect their emotional and mental state and lead to performance anxiety or even depression if left unaddressed.
  • Ejaculation amount – The average ejaculation amount is normally around a teaspoonful but some men may be worried about the amount of ejaculation fluid which they produce.  It is also worth noting that the more semen produced, the more intense the orgasm, so a little extra semen is always a good thing.

How can the supplements address all problems at once?

Natural male enhancement supplements use a combination of natural ingredients which are proven to improve functions within the body which are not necessarily thought of as having anything to do with the sexual organs.  For instance, some ingredients are known to improve blood flow, which may not seem important to sex at all until we consider that for the penis to become erect in the first place, enough blood must be pumped into the erection chambers along the shaft for it to become and remain hard.

Many of the ingredients benefit sexual performance in more than one way.  This is partly to do with the ingredients properties and partly to do with the fact that sexual dysfunctions are often closely related.  Premature ejaculation can cause a man to feel anxiety about his ability to perform well in the bedroom.  At the same time, performance anxiety can lead to premature ejaculation.  Both performance anxiety and PE can lead a man to suffer with ED and eventually he may lose his appetite for sex altogether.  Quite often, treating one problem can have a positive knock-on effect for any other problems.

What makes Rizer XL so successful?

Rizer XLRizer XL is our #1 rated male enhancement supplement.  This is because:

  • The formula has been put together by a team of experts who have spent years researching each individual ingredient to find out how it benefits sexual performance and what quantity is needed to achieve the best result.
  • The pills have been clinically tested and approved by numerous healthcare professionals and doctors.
  • Rizer XL is known to use the most complex mixture of natural ingredients in order to achieve maximum effect whilst maintaining overall balance within the body.  Many other similar pills circulating the market today push so far in one direction with their ingredients by increasing testosterone levels which can actually cause other problems.  The Rizer XL formula works naturally with the body to enhance functions without forcing a reaction and causing damage.

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