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Length and Girth – How Much is Too Much?

Too Much?

The proliferation of penis enlargement devices proves that size still matters to both men and women. But even though we know that size does play a part in how attractive a woman finds a man, how much does it matter and, more importantly, is there such a thing as being too big? How women really feel about the size of a man’s penis might surprise you. And it just might change the way you see your own penis as well.

Bigger is Always Better … Right?

Too Much?Websites that offer male enhancement reviews and news will often discuss studies that show women care about penis size. Although these studies are accurate, they only tell part of the story. In fact, many studies find that women do find men with a larger penis more attractive, but only up to a certain point. According to Brian Mautz, a biologist at the University of Ottawa, his team’s research has found a projected ideal penis size of about 5 inches when flaccid – close to the average for most men.

A larger penis can be attractive to women both in terms of being able to satisfy her sexually and, on a more primal level, it is associated with a higher likelihood of reproduction. So, in a sense, women are subconsciously attracted to a larger penis but only to a certain degree. It has been noted that many women begin to become less attracted once a penis begins to look too big for her to be able to accommodate comfortably. Once the size of an erect penis passes the 10 inch mark, there is a significant downturn in how often women choose it as being attractive. The reason for this is fairly straightforward – women want to have a good time during sex. Dealing with a penis that is simply too large means uncomfortable, even painful sex for women.

Do You Really Need a Penis Extender?

Men have always been more focused on penis size than women have. There is a lot of pressure on men to be the best they can – to have the biggest muscles, the fastest car, the best clothes and, of course, the biggest penis. Although it can sometimes sound a bit funny, the truth is that size matters more to men than it does to women. Men feel competitive and will always sell themselves short in terms of how they really measure up with friends or celebrities they compare themselves too. The fact of the matter is, a device like a penis extender can do a lot of good – but only if you really need it.

As you begin to look through penile extender reviews, be sure to look at more general male enhancement reviews as well. Quite often, a man only needs help with his performance or technique. Although the male enhancement industry can often get hung up on size, it’s important to consider your penis size in realistic terms. When you consider that so many studies have found that women are most attracted to a decnet sized penis – between 7 and 8 inches when erect – there’s often no need for men to take extreme measures to change the overall shape of their penis.

Options That Don’t Require Physical Manipulation

Once you have gained more confidence about the natural size and shape of your penis you can focus on what really matters – your style and technique. Being able to keep up with your partner requires proper nutrition as well as herbal supplement support. This is where some of the newest products in male enhancement can make a huge difference. Websites offering male enhancement reviews will often devote an entire section to herbal supplements. The science behind these supplements continues to evolve as research continues but today there are more herbal options than ever before. Best of all, they often have the clinical studies and trials to back them up.

Focusing on less extreme measures to enhance your sex life can offer better results in a lot less time. If you’re an average guy then chances are good you don’t need to worry about the size of your penis. However, even if you do determine that you need some help enlarging your penis, keep those study findings in mind when setting your goals for growth. No matter what you decide, be sure that you’re also giving your body the nutrients, exercise and care it needs to deliver what your partner needs once you’re in the bedroom.


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