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What Kind of Guys Write Male Enhancement Reviews?


Shopping around for male enhancement products often means doing a great deal of research. Penis enlargement devices, topical ointments to prolong performance, supplements for health and stamina and other product can all be pricey and research helps customers find products that promise to work well. Of course, companies are always going to tell you about the best parts of their products – that’s their job. They play up the research and results in order to make their product stand out. That’s when reading reviews can offer more insight and a clearer picture for well informed customers. Reviews written online have become one of the biggest ways in which many products build a reputation and a loyal following.

The Kind of People Who Write Reviews

WriterGenerally, when we think of product reviews we may think of reviews for books, movies, games and other forms of entertainment as well as high end electronics or other items that cost a bit more. As personal healthcare has become increasingly important, many people have also started looking into reviews for vitamins, supplements, exerciser machines and various physical therapy devices. This is where male enhancement reviews began and where the male enhancement industry looks in order to see which products are making waves and which are sinking fast.

In order for a review to be worth reading it must cover a few key elements. A well written and useful review will cover:

  • the name of the product
  • details about what the product is meant to do
  • how easy the product is to use
  • how well it performs as promised

Many reviews accomplish each of these goals by simply relating their own back story and experience. For example, when a man buys a supplement to help him last longer in bed, he may begin his review by explaining his original problem. This gives the reader a chance to identify with the writer’s story and also clearly lays out his situation before he bought a specific product. Then he’ll simply discuss the product he bought and his success – or lack thereof – with it as he used it.

What kind of guy is willing to give up this level of intimate detail to complete strangers online? Although review writers are as varied as the products they write about, reviewers tend to have two characteristics in common:

  1. They love to share their opinion with others
  2. They genuinely want to help people.

Writing a review means sharing a personal part of your life. Writers of male enhancement reviews must share a fairly intimate part of their personal life due to the nature of these products. Haring such personal details makes a person vulnerable to others and, in some cases, review writers do get harassed through online replies. Nevertheless, these writers carry on because they have a genuine desire to help people in a similar position. Men struggling with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis size problems and other sexual performance concerns often feel alone and as if they can’t turn to anyone for help. The painfully personal nature of these issues can often make it hard for people to reach out and ask for help. In many cases, the stories shared in male enhancement reviews act as a lifeline to readers, reassuring them that they are not alone and that help is available.

Writing male enhancement reviews is something many men don’t think about until they need to use them in order to find the supplements, devices or help they need to improve their sexual performance. Although writing male enhancement reviews asks a lot of the writer, the pay off can be huge. These reviews offer help to those struggling with conditions that make them feel isolated and the insight they offer can help direct men to the products that can truly help. These reviews also help the male enhancement industry as researchers and product developers often consult review websites to find out about products that thrive through word of mouth advertising as well as reading negative reviews for products in order to understand what problems aren’t already being handled by the industry. Simply put, male enhancement reviews can help customers and the industry that aims to serve them.


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