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Increased Age Doesn’t Mean Loss of Desire

In American society the subject of sex has long been regarded as taboo in public circles. While this may be appropriate in a number of circumstances, one of the unintended results has been a plethora of misinformation Older Coupleand myths regarding human sexuality. Among the most pervasive is the belief that age automatically equates to a loss of sexual desire. Yet decades of study and research clearly show this is not true for most people.

Masters and Johnson were two of the pioneers of human sexuality research in the 1960s and 70s. In their studies regarding older individuals they concluded that a large majority of both men and women between the ages of 50 and 80 still desire and enjoy the experience of sexual relations. Masters and Johnson also discovered that while this demographic group is still quite sexually active they sometimes need a little help.

Taking More Time in the Bedroom

Though the sexual desire of most people does not necessarily diminish with age, it can’t be argued that the five senses gradually do so over time. As one gets older the eyes don’t see as well, it becomes more difficult to hear, and even the senses of taste, smell, and touch are reduced. All of the senses usually come into play during a fulfilling sexual experience.

As a result of sensory reduction, men typically need more time in the bedroom to both achieve erection and reach orgasm. Yet as Masters and Johnson found out in the research, this does not equate to male impotence anymore than nearsightedness equates to blindness.

To compensate for sensory reduction, there are a couple of things a man can do to help himself achieve erections sooner and maintain them longer. They include:

  • Using Supplements – There are a host of natural supplements with ingredients that are effective in helping men of all ages achieve harder and longer lasting erections. These products are usually taken on a daily basis as a nutritional supplement rather as-needed like some medical treatments. And because they are natural products, they don’t have the same risk of side effects as pharmaceutical products. As a side note, they tend to be very affordable as well.
  • Increasing Foreplay – One of the long-standing myths that causes men to believe they are impotent states that women need lots of foreplay and men don’t. This simply isn’t true. As a man gets older and begins to lose some of his sensory ability, he may need to spend some extra time on foreplay in order to achieve a full erection. It’s helpful for men to verbalize this to their partners and engage them in helping the process along. Employing manual stimulation with the hands, oral stimulation, and the use of objects that can gently stimulate without causing damage are all very helpful as a man gets older.
  • Maintaining Proper Nutrition – We’ve all heard how important proper nutrition is in fighting off coronary disease, cancer, diabetes, and so on. Doesn’t it make sense that it would also be beneficial in maintaining peak sexual performance? As a man gets older his body utilizes available nutrients less efficiently, requiring more attention to be paid to the diet. In addition to proper nutrition a male enhancement supplement containing sampro-soy isolate is also effective in helping the body better utilize its raw materials.

Achieving Orgasm Takes Longer As Well

It’s funny how we men, as we get older, assume our endurance and staying power is due to our experience and superior self-control. But truth be known, it gets a lot easier to hold off orgasm with age due to the fact that our sensory reactions are slower. What we used to be able to achieve in a matter of minutes at age 20 may easily take a quarter or half-hour at age 50. This is not to say that experience and self-control are part of the equation, it’s just that age is definitely a contributing factor.

ReviewsA natural daily supplement can help in this area as well by increasing libido and stamina. In the area of libido, a male enhancement pill encourages the body to begin producing more testosterone in a way that’s natural and has no side effects. The increased testosterone will increase a man’s sexual desire which, as he ages, will make up for some of the lost sensory response. In terms of stamina, increasing it will also help of men last longer in bed if orgasm is the goal.

Keep in mind that as couples get older orgasm is not the Holy Grail it used to be when they were in their 20s. Lots of couples find tremendous satisfaction engaging in sexual activity without achieving orgasm. When orgasm is the ultimate goal it’s important to do those things that will help it along. For men that includes more foreplay, more non-intercourse stimulation, and the addition of a male enhancement supplement.

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