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How Much Growth Can You Expect To Gain From Using A Penis Extender?

A penis extender operates on the proven science of penile traction. The device will exert a positive force to the penis through a specially calibrated tension mechanism to create painless micro tears along the shaft of the penis. The natural biological response of the human body when exposed to such trauma is for the inner cells to go through a process of mitosis and cytokenesis. This unique and natural process is defined when the inner tissue cells detect the gaps created by the penis extender. The cells will begin to divide and multiply, filling the gaps and creating new, healthy tissue. This process will occur over the course of the entire treatment and will result in significant increases in penis length and girth.

Thousands of men worldwide who chose the Quick Extender Pro penis extender are reporting tremendous success with this advanced form of penis enlargement. Today’s advancement in science and technology has allowed us to harness the power of penis traction and infuse the Quick Extender Pro penis enlarger with this ability in a small, discrete and universal system for men of all sizes.

The Quick Extender Pro penis enlarger is currently offered in three distinct packages ranging from a value edition system offering average gains of 10-15% to a fully featured, more aggressive Deluxe Limited Edition providing unsurpassed performance and reported gains up to 70% for $349.93. Our packages feature highly-illustrated instructions, programs, routines, spare parts and all accessories necessary to use the system safely and effectively. Each package will come with a unique program guide specific to whichever package you purchase in order to provide you with their associated gains. The value edition is capable of penis enlargement up to 7 inches, the deluxe standard edition will reach 13 inches and deluxe limited edition can produce penis enlargement results beyond 16 inches in length. If needed, additional extension rods can be found on the spare parts and accessories page of the Quick Extender Pro official homepage. Spring rates will also vary depending on the chosen package.

The gains will vary from individual to individual. There are no 2 humans that will react the same way to any treatment. However, one notion remains consistent throughout; the longer you are able to wear the penis enlargement device, the more you will grow.

Thanks to the advanced DSS (double strap system) technology exclusively incorporated into the Quick Extender Pro, this second generation penis extender can be worn up to 3 times longer than other devices, comfortably and with zero risk. By using a combination of medical grade materials, the Quick Extender Pro is comprised of feather-weight aluminum, durable and hypoallergenic plastics, foam pads and medical grade silicone tubes to ensure total and complete comfort throughout the day. The device’s advanced features, lightweight construction, advanced support system and adjustable pivot feature make it virtually undetectable under pants or tight fitting jeans. It was designed to be worn for both the active person and those who wish to simply remain home during their spare time.  The versatile Quick Extender Pro fits into any current lifestyle from men always on the go with little free time to those with a lot of time to spare and everyone else in between. By achieving this balance, the Quick Extender Pro penis extender is the ideal solution for any man looking for an increase in penis size, quickly, comfortably and safely.

If you are looking for the best in penis enlargement, look no further than the proven, reliable and effective Quick Extender Pro. Backed by a no questions asked money-back guarantee and an unbeatable lifetime warranty, the Quick Extender Pro penis extender is the number #1 choice for thousands of men worldwide. Take advantage of this season’s promotional discount code and use coupon code “summer11” to save an additional 10% and get free shipping worldwide. Don’t delay, call toll free 1-888-800-6987 to speak with a representative for a free consultation.


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