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Home Remedies for Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in men is more common than many people think.  Common problems include:

  • Premature ejaculation – There is no minimum time Sexual Dysfunction in Menlimit for a man to ejaculate during intercourse.  However, if he repeatedly reaches the point of ejaculation before he or his partner would prefer, this is classified as premature ejaculation.  This time can differ from couple to couple and what some couples would think of as premature ejaculation, other would consider a reasonable time.  Some men may regularly reach climax shortly after penetration but if neither partner is unhappy, it is not classed as PE.  One rule of thumb is that if a man ejaculates before he has managed to enter his partner, then it is unequivocally accepted as PE.
  • Erectile dysfunction – A man suffering from ED may either be unable to achieve an erection at all, lose an erection during the course of sex or simply be unable to achieve a strong erection.  This is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men and has many causes both physical and psychological due to the complex nature of the erection process.
  • Loss of libido – This is a less common problem in men which apparently makes it even more difficult to deal with,  Studies have shown that men who experience a sudden loss of the desire to have sex are often deeply unhappy in all other areas of their life.  It is thought that loss of libido has a much greater negative impact for men than it does for women.

Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction in Men

There are different treatments which are tailored to each specific problem.  Surgical procedures, prescription drugs and therapy can all have a role in the treatment in any of the problems listed.  Many men prefer to go with natural remedies which will not have cause harmful side-effects.  Many of the remedies which are listed below have a history dating back hundreds or even thousands of years as the ingredients have been used for all that time in ancient medicine to cure a variety of ailments pertaining to not only sexual dysfunctions but many diseases and problems.  These are the most trusted and renowned of all natural remedies for sexual dysfunctions in men.

Carrot – To last longer in the bedroom and improve erectile function, chop some carrots up and eat with egg dipped in honey.

Garlic – A known aphrodisiac, garlic has the power to improve libido in men as well as reverse the effects of ED.  To achieve optimum results, two to three garlic cloves should be eaten daily, followed by a good gargle with some strong mouthwash or chewing of some extra strong spear mint gum in order to keep the pungent breath at bay.

Ashwagandha – Used to treat premature ejaculation.  The plant has properties which are thought to increase testosterone levels and improve overall sexual function giving men a long lasting vitality between the sheets.

Onion – Another aphrodisiac which should be followed up by mouthwash or chewing gum.  The white onion is better for this situation than the red variety.

To stop premature ejaculation, mix a teaspoon of green onion seeds with some water and take with each meal throughout the day.

Ginseng – Ginseng has been used for centuries in ancient herbal medicine for its many healing properties and its ability to restore balance to the body.  It is a powerful and popular remedy for premature ejaculation.

Castor oil – Premature ejaculation can be related to problems with the prostate.  Massaging the area with castor oil helps to keep a healthy prostate and keep PE at bay.
Exercise to improve sexual function in men

Lifestyle changes

For a healthy sex life, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Regular exercise will promote a healthy heart and improve the blood circulation which is vital to sexual function.  If a man is not the kind who is happy to spend hours each day at the gym, then something as simple as going for a brisk walk for half an hour of the day is enough to see an improvement.

Diet is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are crammed with helpful vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help the body function at its best.  What’s good for the body is good for the sex life.

Natural Male Enhancement Pills

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Most male enhancement pills have the power to address all the problems listed.  Natural enhancement pills do not carry harmful side-effects and simply improve the quality of sex by working with the body to restore balance in a natural way. Follow this link to learn more about male enhancement pills and for a review of the top 6 male enhancement pills.


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