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Finally! Scientific Proof Size Matters

Scientific Proof

It’s an age old debate that never really seems to get settled once and for all. For years people have debated the question “Does size matter?” Those who answered with a resounding yes insisted it was just common sense, of course size matters! Anyone who said otherwise was just being nice. But from the other camp came the reply that there was nothing nice about their message – size was simply not an indication of performance. The famous catchphrase about it being all down to the ‘motion in the ocean’ as opposed to the ‘size of the pole’ caught on but, for some, doubt remained.

Struggling with Size

Scientific ProofThis general attitude that, regardless what some might say, size did matter, or at least was a consideration, spawned an entire industry of self-help merchants offering ways for men to fix the problem. Penis extenders, supplements and pumps have all become increasingly popular as men have looked for new, better and more effective ways to give them the size they want and the performance their partners crave.

But, as men continued to search for ways to increase their size, the debate over whether or not it really matters raged on in the scientific community. The area of sexual sciences has itself undergone a surprising evolution – changing from a fringe scientific community to a broadly accepted area of research with findings that effect behavioral science, anthropology and even consumer studies.

The Results Are In

Then, in early 2013, a team of Australian researches announced the findings from their own study. They concluded that size mattered to women and played an important role in how attractive they perceived a man to be. Each woman was asked to evaluate photos of men with flaccid penises of varying sizes. The majority of the women found men with a larger penis size – when flaccid – to be more attractive. But there was a limit to what size could do. In their official report, the team noted that “Males with a larger penis were rated as being relatively more attractive. Our results directly contradict claims that penis size is unimportant to most females.” But that didn’t mean that bigger was always better. The study also found that while a larger penis did make men more attractive, once it got past a certain length women began to find those men less attractive.

Size Matters, But It’s Not ALL That Matters

With many in the scientific community eager to reproduce the results of this 2013 Australian study, there’s probably no end in sight for the debate on how much size matters. It’s probably safe to say that size plays an important role in how attractive a woman finds a man but the truth is that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to actual sexual performance. Getting a few extra inches by using a penis extender will definitely make you better equipped, so to speak, but you’ll still need to know what to do once you get between the sheets.

Once of the great things about the recent increase in websites that offer penis enhancement reviews and tips on male sexual performance is how easy it has become to not only find the best products available, but also to get quality, real world advice. These websites have been able to give men the tips they need to know how to truly satisfy their partners regardless of penis size. And, for men who want to explore their options, these websites also offer independent and impartial penis extender reviews written by actual customers with nothing to gain by bigging up a product.

So, while the Size Matters camp has gotten some extra scientific backing for their side of the argument, there’s still something to be said for knowing your way around in bed. Size definitely matters, but if you don’t know what to do with it, then it won’t make a difference in the long run. As you look for ways to increase your size, build up stamina or otherwise enhance your sexual performance don’t get too obsessed with one factor over another. A good sex life is like any other part of your life – it’s better if it’s well rounded, diverse and always open to new things.


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