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The Evolution of Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis Pump

Men have been looking for ways to increase the size of their penis for generations. In fact, the penis extender was the first product offered in terms of male sexual enhancement and, since then, the industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Although today’s devices are the result of years of research and development, they’re also the result of years of trial and error. Let’s take a look at the evolution of some of the penis enlargement devices that paved the way for today’s newest models as well as the future of male sexual enhancement.

Let Gravity Do The Work

Let Gravity do it's jobThe earliest enlargement devices weren’t devices at all. Men in ancient Egypt would tie a string the end of their penis and then add small stones or other weights in an attempt to elongate the penis. This is still practiced today throughout the Middle East and while no clinical trials have been done, the men who practice it regularly and pass the tradition on to younger generations continue to swear by it. This has paved the way for modern traction devices and is still the same basic premise used even in modern penile enlargement.

Modern Solutions

The first penis extender and enlargement devices were built on this same idea of letting gravity do most of the work. The first generation of extenders simply attached to the base of the penis and pulled the shaft gently and over time either by traction which could be held in place or through weights which pulled the penis down over time. This approach has yielded mixed results over the years. For many men, this method has worked, but only when they’ve done it over a long period of time. Also, one side effect of this method Is that while it does add some inches in terms of length, stretching the penis also makes it thinner and does nothing to help in terms of girth.

Vacuum Technology

The landscape of male sexual enhancement was changed forever in the early 1900s when Otto Ledever invented, patented and began to sell the world’s first penis pump. Ledever’s invention worked on a simple premise of using vacuum technology to make a man’s penis fatter and longer and, since then, companies all over the world have copied, modified and tweaked his original invention. Vacuum pumps for the penis remain the most common and popular form of penile enlargement devices today. The reason is simple – vacuum pumps focus not only on making a penis longer, but also adding girth which makes the penis overall larger. Vacuum technology is often used in conjunction with devices such as cock rings which produce harder erections and better staying power.

The Newest Generation of Penile Enlargement Options

These days, companies invest in the research and development of various devices, supplement and even workout routines that promise to add inches, improve stamina and produce better overall performance and orgasms. But the basic design of most penis enlargement devices remains pretty unchanged from earlier versions. That’s because the premise behind these devices is still as effective as it has ever been. Now the focus is on ways to produce results more quickly, more safely and more comfortably for customers.

Penis PumpMany male enhancement devices and supplements focus on natural remedies. This is due, in part, to how surprisingly effective they can be, even when compared to pharmaceutical or surgical options. The evolution of the male sexual enhancement industry continues today even as it gets more in touch with its historic roots. Now companies use feedback from customers as well as diehard fans and collectors of penile enlargement devices to help create a new generation of devices, supplements and lifestyle changes. This open dialogue between customers and the innovators of the male enhancement industry is proving to be a perfect recipe for success. As newer devices are developed and released many customers find they are better than ever and produce tangible results more quickly. No doubt the industry will continue to evolve and make the most out of every technological breakthrough that comes along which can only mean better products and a wider selection for men all over the world.


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