Don’t Underestimate the Need for Intimacy

If you were to rank the five most important things necessary for a strong marriage or healthy relationship, what would they be? Not surprisingly, answers include things like communication, trust, and mutual respect.The Need for Intimacy But what about sexual intimacy? Is that something you and your partner put time and effort into, or is it something left by the wayside because it’s difficult, impractical, or inconvenient?

It cannot be denied that humans are sexual creatures. So it boggles the mind when societies adopt attitudes that diminish the importance of the sexual experience. Consider the roles some of the following things have had in shaping cultural attitudes about intimacy:

  • Religious Beliefs – Religious beliefs are an importing facet of life, no doubt. And in fact, being a strong Christian myself I have no problem letting it be known that my religious beliefs are responsible for shaping just about every area of my life. Yet at the same time, the legalistic views of the Dark Ages relegated sexual intimacy to a place of being nothing more than a means of producing children. As such, we still have a prevailing attitude among many people that actually enjoying intimacy is somehow dirty or morally unacceptable. None of that is true.
  • The Feminist Movement – Though what I’m about to say is unpopular, the facts don’t lie. The feminist movement has sought to empower women at the expense of men. As such, more and more women are adopting the mindset that men are not necessary. When a woman does choose to attach herself to a man she should not depend on him for any type of fulfillment or satisfaction. For her, sex can become as meaningless as it is for the teenage boy who’s just trying to get his rocks off.
  • Promiscuity and Divorce – Cultural influences have led us to believe that promiscuity and divorce are harmless to society. Yet a look at statistics shows otherwise. When promiscuity and divorce are practiced so openly it cheapens the male/female relationship and diminishes the importance of intimacy. Is it any wonder couples so rarely stay together these days? Is it any wonder so many are not even bothering to get married anymore?

The truth is, we are not animals. Human beings are distinctly different in many ways, not the least of which is the ability to emotionally connect through sexual intimacy. In relationships where sex is reduced to a mere physical pleasure you can almost always predict an eventual failure. There are other factors involved, of course, but poor sexual intimacy is a good indicator of a failing relationship.

Men and Performance Issues

For men, the desire for intimacy can be influenced by performance issues. Even if attitudes about religious beliefs, promiscuity, and so on are not a factor, a man can lose his desire for intimacy if he believes he’s not able to perform as well as the “competition.” While some performance anxiety is tied to cultural beliefs, most of it is actually due to physical issues. And since most men don’t understand their bodies they don’t know how to get them to operate at peak performance.

For example, male libido plays a big part in intimacy. If a man does not physically feel like “getting it on” he may still do so out of a sense of obligation, but his heart isn’t in it. And when the heart isn’t in it sex becomes just another mode of masturbation. The good news is that libido can be improved in several ways. Men can take a male enhancement supplement, change their diets, increase the amount of exercise they get, and engage their wives in activities that promote quality “together” time.

Along with libido there are the issues of premature ejaculation and low ejaculate volume. When a man experiences one or both, his confidence can be completely shattered. And as we know, the male ego plays an extremely important part in a man’s willingness to put forth the effort to maintain intimacy.

Again, both of these issues can be helped with a male enhancement supplement. Products like Rizer XL and Performer5  provide the raw materials needed to produce ejaculate, thus increasing volume. They also help balance some of the hormones and chemicals involved in male sexual stimulation so men can better control ejaculation.

Making It Happen

Happy Intimate CoupleWhen it comes to need for intimacy perhaps the most important thing we can say is that couples need to make it happen. If men and women simply ignore intimacy issues with the hopes that they’ll go away, they’re headed for trouble.

The key to maintaining intimacy is for men and women to agree to do something about it together. That means talking to friends and family members who have already worked through similar issues, consulting doctors about diet and exercise changes, and even going through some amount of counseling if that’s necessary. As someone who’s been through this myself, I can tell you that making it happen is well worth it. My wife and I have never been happier in 24 years of marriage!


Author: Peter

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