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Does Penis Size Matter?

It’s probably true that most sexologists would say penis size does not matter to the average woman. In countless surveys that thinking seems to be reinforced. Women talk about great lovers being those who are sensitive, caring, emotionally attached, and willing to communicate. Unfortunately, all of those things do not come easily for men. Making matters worse is the psychological attachment men have to the size of their penises. And despite all of the advice of sexologists, the psychology of size is not so easily changed.

Some suggest that a man’s obsession with the size of his penis is something relatively modern. As an example, they cite ancient sculptures from Greek and Roman cultures which typically show men with relatively small packages. Yet what about ancient art from Egypt, Africa, and South America which demonstrate just the opposite? It seems that the Greek and Roman perceptions of penis size are the exception rather than the rule.

Mechanics vs. MindMechanics vs. Mind

From a completely mechanical point of view it would be fairly accurate to say that the average-sized penis is adequate. Consider the fact that well-known sexologist Betty Dodson trumpets the idea that most women are not capable of orgasm through vaginal sex; their ultimate pleasure comes from clitoral stimulation. In terms of the size of a man’s penis, it has nothing to do with that clitoral stimulation. Dodson has even said publicly that, for purposes of female orgasm, she is preferential to oral stimulation.

From the psychological standpoint however, things are quite different. If a man believes he is too small he is likely to doubt his own performance and ability. Those doubts can ultimately lead to him trying to pretend he’s something he’s not. He may try to become too aggressive; he may investigate all sorts of new positions and techniques his partner has no interest in; he may become completely selfish in the sexual realm as a means of assuaging his own ego. In some cases a man who believes he’s too small may simply lose interest in sex and give up trying.

Unfortunately, the male ego is such that psychology almost always wins over mechanics. That’s why it’s important for men who are concerned about penis size to address it one way or the other. If that means counseling, so be it. If that means using a penis enlargement device, that’s fine too. If it means a combination of both, that may be the best option of all.

Increasing Size

Men can increase the size of their penises through surgery, the use of penis extenders, or practicing ancient jelqing techniques. We recommend men stay away from surgery if at all possible; surgery rarely produces the results you’re after yet is accompanied by a high risk of complications.

As for extender devices and jelqing, they come highly recommended. In the realm of enlargement devices there are two options: traction devices and penis pumps. We believe the traction device is the better of the two because it provides permanent results, where the penis pump is only temporary.

If you’re interested in a penis extender device the Quick Extender Pro is a great choice. This device is one of the best-selling throughout entire industry because it works as advertised. It is also ranked #1 for 2012 in our penis extender review section.

Increasing Confidence and Self-AcceptanceIncreasing Confidence and Self-Acceptance

In addition to increasing penis size men fare better when they’re able to increase their confidence and self-acceptance. Unfortunately, this is often more difficult than the physical part of the equation. But it helps to have a caring and concerned partner who will encourage you in your quest. It starts by having open and frank discussions about your expectations, what you can do to please one another, and what you do when things don’t work out exactly as planned.

One of the best psychological tools available to men is actually very simple: ask and then do. Let me explain:

  • Ask – If we accept what Betty Dodson claims to be the truth about female orgasm — that clitoral stimulation is the key — you should simply ask your partner what techniques you can best employ to bring her orgasmic pleasure. You may be challenged to improve your oral skills, learn how to use specific toys, introduce conversation and other forms of communication, etc. Whatever she says, you should accept it with an open mind and a willingness to make it happen.
  • Do – This should be pretty self-explanatory. Just remember the old principle that practice makes perfect. Once you know the things that will please your partner, just do them. And if you don’t do them right the first time, keep practicing until you get it right. Eventually you will learn to pleasure your partner in ways neither one of you have ever experienced. That will do wonders for boosting your confidence and self-acceptance.

With a combination of increased volume and confidence a man can conquer the psychology of size. There’s no need to continue to have a less-than-satisfying sex life simply because you’re unhappy or not confident in yourself. Do something about it today.

Does penis size matter: Yes it does…


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