Low Libido

Dealing with Sexual Desire Disorders

Few people know that a lack of libido may actually be a sign of sexual desire disorder. Yes, it’s a real disorder, and a number of people do deal with it. Sexual desire disorders can be divided into physical and psychological problems. Physically, sexual desire disorders come from things line infertility, sexual abuse, assault, medication, or surgery. Psychological issues that can cause sexual desire disorders include fighting with your partner, stress from other areas in your life, and feeling sexually inadequate.

Sexual Desire DisordersSo what can you do to get over sexual desire disorders? If they come from health problems, exercise and a better diet may be the ticket. Physical exercise helps release endorphins, which can help you feel better, reduce stress, and increase your stamina. Being in better shape and eating better can also give your body more resources to fight off infection or disease. If your sexual desire disorder is being caused by medication, your doctor may be able to find a similar drug that won’t have the same side effects.

What about psychological problems? If you just don’t feel like having sex, there are several different things you can do. If it’s stress, you can work on getting a handle on the underlying cause. Talking with a professional may help. If you’re righting with your partner, talking it out and working through your problems may be the cure.

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