Can You Trust Those Review Websites? How to Spot a Fake Review

How to spot a fake review

It has become pretty common for people to take a more active role in their personal, emotional, physical and sexual health and well being.  This goes for everything from herbal supplements and multivitamins to exercise machines and penis extenders.  As a result, we’ve all become more used to reading and writing reviews for a variety of products, especially those which can be rather pricey.  As you read through reviews some may strike you as being disingenuous at best and flat out forgeries at worst.   The unfortunate truth is that, as the market for personal health products grow, competition can tempt some companies to stuff review websites with fake reviews written by their own contracted employees or hired freelance writers.  So how can you tell which reviews to trust and which to ignore?  There are a few tell-tale Red Flags you can look out for that will help you to spot a fake review.
How to spot a fake review

The Reviewer is Perhaps a little TOO Excited

Reviews for the kind of products you find on male enhancement websites are bound to make people feel pretty strongly.  After all, a website with male enhancement reviews are talking about products that can literally change a person’s life. So it’s common – and normal – for some reviewers to write with a certain amount of passion.  But if a reviewer sounds like they might be coming close to passing out from joy, chalk that up as a big Red Flag.  Fake reviews tend to be over the top since they aim to play on the emotions of potential buyers.  By being overly dramatic they suck readers in and sell them a story more than a product.  If a review comes off as being like something you’d normally find on a daytime soap opera script or focuses more on their emotions than the quality of the product, move along to the next one.

Vague Reviews

Since unscrupulous companies will pay freelancers to write male enhancement product or penile extender reviews on a website, those reviewers don’t always know a whole lot about the product.  Hiring people to write reviews is cheap – and there’s a reason for that.  Fake reviewers can pull from stock phrases to cobble together a review that sings the praises of a product, without ever really discussing what the product is or how it works.  A fraudulent penis enlargement review, for example, will include details about the product found on the product information page but nothing else.  They might mention the ‘incredibly fast shipping’ or ‘high quality construction’ but they simply won’t give details beyond what’s already included in the item description.

Spelling Counts!

Your old English teacher was right all along … spelling and grammar count!  Writing fake reviews is, as you’d imagine, not exactly prestigious work.  As a result, professional writers simply won’t do it and the quality shows.  When a review looks as though it’s been written by text, it’s a good sign that the review isn’t legit.

Shopping around and looking at websites that offer reviews on penis extenders as well as general male enhancement reviews is a great way to find the best products and the best value.  These review websites are great examples of online communities coming together to share information and help one another.  But sometimes unscrupulous companies will try to subvert that and turn reviews into spammy commercials for their own product.  Luckily, these fake reviews can be easily spotted once you know what to look out for.  Armed with these Red Flags, you’ll be able to spot trustworthy reviews that will actually help you find the best products to keep you healthy, happy and scam-free.



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