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6 Ways to Get a Prize Winning Penis

Prize winning Penis

There are prizes for everything else, so why not have a prize for having a great penis? You might think that sounds fun, and even a little bonkers, but hey, what the heck? Another Prize winning Penisquestion that immediately comes to mind is, is “who would be the judge?” Answer: your lover because she will be the one taking it for a test drive. Are you ready to take things up a class? Then consider the following 6 steps to improve your penis in more ways than one.

1. Male Enlargement Devices – If you penis is small, or just not the size you want it to be then order a male enlargement device today. You will not be winning anything, especially a penis contest, with a small penis, so get on it. If you don’t know what you are going for, then check the male enhancement reviews to get a better idea. Remember, the biggest penis is not always the best penis and should be proportionate to the rest of your body to keep your overall appearance succinct.

2. Safe Sex – Got warts on your penis? How about green ooze leaking out your knob? If you answered yes to either of those questions, go see a doctor and get treated. In order to win the penis prize, you should not have a cock that will be spreading disease and infecting people. That is just bad for all contestants. Not sure? Get a checkup! Get clean, and practice safe sex to keep your main organ soaring!

3. Clean And Shaved – Now that you don’t have to worry about your penis falling off from an STD, it is time to groom your contestant so it will show well. This means it should not only look tidy, but also have a nice “feel” to it since the judge or judges won’t always see what they are riding. To get started, wash your unit with soap and water, then shave off any excess hair to a comfortable length. Consider shaving your scrotum and the lower parts toward your anus to ensure any vaginal juices don’t get absorbed when having sex. Take a look, and consider any other remodeling that needs to be done.

4. Male Enhancement Reviews – Still unsure if it is the prize winner? When in doubt, check it out. Go online and check all the male enhancement reviews to see how you measure up against the competition, including the secrets and suggestions posted on the male enhancement reviews. The male enhancement reviews can give you the tips to bring your penis up a class and also give you the insight needed to win. Don’t forget that the male enhancement reviews will get you the inside line on penis health and products to stay ahead of the game.

5. Keep It Lubed – Every once in awhile, dab some lotion on your penis to keep it moisturized. Too much moisture might cause sweat and rashes. If this happens, switch it up and put the itch or your favorite calcite powder to keep your penis feeling smooth, and lubed or dry, whatever the occasion may be.

6. Keep It Active – Now that you have shined and primed your penis, you had better give it some action! Nobody likes being all dressed up and nowhere to go, especially a nicely groomed penis. No one to show your new piece off to? Not a problem, try using some of the supplements and masturbating and see how it goes. Then, hook up with your favorite booty call or partner and watch their jaws drop in amazement. If oral was a problem before, it may not be anymore. The new penis should show well to new lovers and long time partners.

We grow with our penis through the years, and become used to seeing it every day, whether it’s clean or dirty, shaved or hairy, sweaty or dry, but for a woman, you should always aim to please. This means considering the 6 steps for penis perfection, and even if you don’t win a prize, your penis will be healthier, and your lover’s happier. In the meantime, take a moment and take a look at your package right now? What does it look like? Does it look like it is time for an upgrade?


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