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Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life NOW

Men are always on the lookout for ways to improve their game and get more satisfaction from their sex life. In many cases, the efforts you need to expend in order to make

real improvements can take weeks or even months to begin to materialise. But what can guys do today to improve their sex life tonight? We’ve got five options for you.

Eat for Energy

Lean FishThis isn’t about just cleaning up your diet for long-term gains in energy, vitality, stamina and sex drive. Of course, that should be your goal, but as far as making a difference for your sex life tonight, keep today’s meals light and nutrient dense. Skip the rolls, say no to the fries and pass on the beer. Instead, power your morning with some healthy oatmeal or a whole grain bagel. Follow up with a lunch that will serve as your largest meal of the day. Pack it with the best foods like lean meat or fish, a dark green vegetable, a coloured vegetable and then some rice or a small amount of pasta. Keep dinner light, packing in plenty of dark, leafy greens and some lean meat. The result of even one day of eating this way will be a surge of energy and focus. By the time you’re ready to skip the dessert in favour of a more adult after-dinner treat, you’ll be firing on all pistons.

Park Farther Away

Let’s be honest – it isn’t always possible to hit the gym as much as you’d like to, or as much as you need to. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have time for a good workout. Park out in the fringes of the parking lot when you go shopping or park for work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and go the long way when you make your way from your desk to any other destination. Squeezing in mini workouts and increasing your overall level of activity can easily add up to counting as a full body workout. It’ll loosen you up and keep you limber and ready for your fun later tonight, too!

Read Male Enhancement Reviews With a Critical Eye

Even though you want instant results, it’s still important to plan for the future. So invest some time today reading male enhancement reviews for products that can help you improve performance and technique. Check reviews that are honest and include both criticisms as well as praise. Also take note of any details writers give in their male enhancement reviews. Quite often, review writers will include details like how they changed their diet, managed their time or other steps and changes they took alongside their new routine for self-improvement. As you read male enhancement reviews for products that will help you achieve your goals, look also for products used by guys with habits close to your own. That will help you find products you can integrate simply and easily into your life.

Read Some Porn … Skip the Movie

It’s a long-held understanding that when it comes to erotica, men are visual and women are cerebral. That’s why so many erotic books are written for a female audience while photographic and video erotica is by and large aimed at a male audience. Make this piece of knowledge work for you and check out some popular erotic novels to get your creative juices flowing. You can check bestseller lists for erotica or, if your partner if a reader, just check out her stash. Browse through her bookshelves, her Amazon lists as well as lists she may keep on Goodreads or social media.

Talk Dirty Before Your Get into Bed

Talking DirtyDon’t wait until you’re in the bedroom to start foreplay. Tell her how sexy she looks in the morning, send her a steamy text message at lunch. Tease and flirt throughout the day. In short, woo her all day long. Don’t be shy about telling her what you’d love to do with her and to her. While you’re at it, encourage her to speak up as well. Don’t force the issue, but be encouraging if she begins to open up about her own fantasies. Play your cards right and you won’t even have to worry about dinner – she’ll be ready to skip to the dessert as soon as you both walk through the door!


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