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3 Things to Know When Reading Penile Extender Reviews

Penile Extender Reviews

Everyone’s a critic. The old saying never rang truer than it does today. Many people who buy specific products or use different services want to share their impressions with others and the internet gives them a platform to do so. With the male enhancement market on the steady rise, you’ve probably found several websites that publish penile extender reviews. They all claim to be impartial and that that they have tested the product before writing about it, but you can only take their word for it.

Still, it’s very important to read penile extender reviews before you decide which device you’re going to buy. Penis extenders are designed to provide a non-invasive and – most importantly – safe way to help increase the size of your penis. However, the market is flooded with cheap knock-offs that lure customers in because of their price, only to end up causing a lot of unwanted problems. This is where reliable, trustworthy penile extender reviews can make a world of difference.

But to be sure that what you’re reading can be trusted, there are three things you should know.

1. Manufacturers Will Toot Their Own Horn
The logic is very simple: manufacturers want to sell their product no matter what. To accomplish their goal, they will toot their own horn by promising unprecedented gains they have no scientific proof for. When reading penile extender reviews online, you should never take what manufacturers claim at face value, as more often than not they’ll make very bold claims just to persuade you to buy their product.

A similar thing happened in Great Britain a few years ago. Men were lured into buying a specific model of a penis extender because the advertising material claimed they can grow their penis by up to 33 percent of its current size. Going off the ad campaign and the penile extender reviews that presented those facts as part of the actual review, the men felt cheated when they tested the product and realized the claims were untrue. Even the Advertising Authority had to react and prohibit further use of false statements.

So, if you’re looking to buy a penis extender, make sure what you’re reading isn’t just a repurposed advertising content provided by the manufacturer. Instead, look for first-person accounts from actual men who have used the product and are eager to share their findings with others.

2. Take Amazon Reviews with a Grain of Salt
Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, set the trend among web stores by adding a section dedicated to user reviews. You can also find penile extender reviews there, seeing as they’re also in the business of selling male enhancement products. These reviews are certainly more reliable than anything manufacturers may claim about their products, but even here you can’t trust everything you read.

You should focus your attention on well-written reviews that highlight the user’s personal experience. Similarly, steer clear from generic reviews, as well as those full of spelling error. While a few of them might be legit, they can just as well be planted by the manufacturer or a licensed distributor keen on making a sale. What’s more, look for reviews that have photos of the actual product attached to them. This proves that the reviewer has actually seen the product and knows what he’s writing about.

3. Beware of Fake Reviews on Other Websites
For reasons explained above, many websites and personal blogs tend to make unsupported claims in their penile extender reviews. If you base your purchasing decisions on their articles, you risk putting yourself and your health in danger. To avoid it, there are a few useful tricks that can help you identify the so-called “fake” reviews.

First, as with Amazon, always look for reviews that are well-written. This doesn’t mean they have to be comparable to great works of literature, but they need to have a natural flow and good spelling and punctuation. Second, beware of any outrageous claims the reviewer makes without providing any proof to support them. Finally, always look for reviews that list the positives as well as the negatives, even if the only negative is the way the packaging is designed.

Though all this might not seem so important – it is. After all, it’s the only way to know that the product you’re getting is safe and reliable.


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