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3 Reasons Why People Fail at Penis Enlargement (and How to Fix Them)

Don't give up

When somebody takes the decision to opt for penis enlargement the hard part isn’t over. This is just the beginning. Actually sticking with the program over many long months is extremely difficult, and many people never make it. A lot of men who failed with the program claim it was down to the product, but in reality it’s because they didn’t stick with the program. Many reasons contribute to losing faith in a high quality extender, and here are the main ones.

Not Seeing Results

Don't give upNot seeing any results is the number one cause of people giving up on the program. This comes as a result of the marketing tactics used by rogue brands. They have given every other product a bad name as they make grand promises of two inches in a matter of weeks. They say it’s the easiest thing anybody can ever do and imply a minimal level of commitment is required. What these advertisements say is the exact opposite of what the reality is.

No area of the body can see such radical changes in such a short period of time, it just isn’t possible. The only way this is possible is with drugs and other supplements. In other words, through unnatural methods which are guaranteed to damage the body in some way. Always avoid these options.

The truth of penis extenders is they require a commitment. The name of the game is consistency. Without consistency it’s impossible to see any major results. For the first few weeks, people will see very little difference in their penis size. This is the wall where people become discouraged and fall away from the program. As long as they can make it through this period their chances of success increase. The latter stages of the program are where people see major results.

Another point has to be made on results. Many men make the mistake of measuring their penis by looking down upon it. This is an illusion. It’s an illusion because penises should be measured whilst looking at it on the same level, from the side in other words. Only by looking at it from this angle can the user view his full results.

Too Much Commitment

Some people can’t keep up with the commitment. It requires six hours a day six days a week, every week, to see the right results. For many people who have stressful lives and who are regularly out of the house, this commitment is too much for them. Over time, they begin to realise it’s not for them and they can no longer sustain it. There are alternatives, though.

By using a high quality extender, users can wear it under their normal clothes. It’s small and discrete enough to avoid detection by anybody in the outside world. As long as baggy clothes are worn there’s nothing stopping people from using these devices whilst out and about in their daily lives. Tighter clothes, such as suits, aren’t recommended as they make the extender visible. Furthermore, tighter clothes can become tangled up in the traction mechanism; it’s rare but it does happen.

Painful Process

Those who stop with their penis enlargement program because of pain are doing the right thing. Continuing to use an extender whilst in pain is a bad idea simply because it’s an early warning sign there’s something wrong. Constricted blood vessels and irritation of the skin are the main reasons why pain is caused. It also reveals something else, though; it signals something is wrong with the product itself.

People who decide to save money by opting for lesser products are putting themselves at risk. They tend to use lower grade materials with silicone loops. It definitely saves users significant amounts of money, but at the same time it’s putting their health at risk. For example, the silicone loop is well-known as something which cuts off the flow of blood to the head of the penis. Over time, the oxygen levels in the head of the penis decreases. Tissue starts to die as it’s no longer receiving sustenance from the body. If nothing is done about this the tissue dies and has to be amputated. An amputation pretty much spells the end of any sexual activity.

Choosing a high quality brand is obviously essential, but differentiating between the brands isn’t easy. These are the things which people should do to ensure they choose a reputable brand:

• Ensure there are medical endorsements for a specific extender. Medical professionals don’t put their reputations on the line unless they know what they are endorsing works.
• Independent reviews. Customer testimonials on a company website is one thing, extender reviews on independent websites are another all together. If people are saying good things about a product away from the influence of the product’s creators it’s a sign it works.
• Medical studies. Independent scientific studies are normally available on the website of a reputable product. It’s another endorsement of the effectiveness of the extender.


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