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Unlocked – Picking a Male Enhancement Product that Works

Male enhancement pills have had a lot of bad press since they first made it onto the Internet as there were so many shady organizations creating pills that didn’t actually work. Then the spam mail began to come in No Spamand ended up taking up around 50% of all emails sent in the world. Since then, people began to believe that none of these pills worked. But they couldn’t be more wrong as the bigger and more reputable brands have ingredients that have been proven to have a profound effect on the male sex organ in terms of sexual stamina and the intensity of their orgasms.

Scams and con artists may still be prominent in the male enhancement industry, but with some knowledge it’s easy to avoid these them and stick with the pills that really do work. What follows is how to choose a company that is genuine and that sells an authentic and genuine product.

Avoidance Strategies

There are a few telltale signs that reveal a company that isn’t providing a genuine product. If any of these signs are seen on male enhancement websites then avoid them like the plague.

  • If a site is marketing themselves by sending out spam mail then avoid them immediately. It’s the stereotypical view of the companies that sell male enhancement pills, and they often contain viruses that infect people’s computers. As already mentioned, over half of all emails sent through the Internet supposedly come from fake enhancement products.
  • Cheap and tacky websites can be thrown together in just a few hours. If the site hasn’t been carefully crafted then it’s obvious to see. Many con merchants will throw together a temporary website to sell a bad product before it closes down a few weeks later.
  • Taped customer support recordings are a dead giveaway as anybody can throw together a voice recording for the purposes of providing a so-called customer support line. If you can’t reach a human being during regular business hours it’s a bad sign.

What’s in a Genuine Male Enhancement Pill?

A genuine product will have a number of things present on their website that will able to reassure customers that they are dealing with the real thing.

  • Live customer support agents automatically mean that the company has been able to employ people to sit around all day in case of any customer queries. Employing people is a massive investment that can’t be taken lightly, so only genuine products and established brands will have the means in which to do this.
  • Reviews. If reviews all around the Internet can be found that tout the success of some specific male enhancement pills then that’s a positive sign. Be careful when it comes to reviews, though, as not all of them will be genuine. Combine the review factor with the time factor. If a product has been around a while, then the chances are it’s a good product or it wouldn’t have survived in such a competitive environment like the male enhancement industry.

Male Enhancement Pill Ingredients

The Ingredients

Ultimately, what it comes down to is the ingredients within the product itself. Be on the lookout for a few ingredients that have been clinically proven to work for the purposes of male enhancement.

  • Ginseng is the aromatic root of a plant that’s been used in Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. It’s known as a common aphrodisiac as it increases the amount of blood that flows to the penis, which creates harder erections. It also works to help increase the amount of sperm that’s produced.
  • Damiana is designed to increase libido and is an all-round drug that increases the overall performance of the individual. It’s been known as and commercially sold as an aphrodisiac since 1874.
  • Bioperen is another fantastic ingredient as it works with all the other ingredients to boost their overall performance.

Trial and Error

Everybody is different and everybody’s body has different needs and requirements. Not every single product will work for every single person. A lot of the time finding the right product is a matter of trial and error. If the aim is to find the best male enhancement pills around then they might find multiple brands that work. It’s good to keep trying, however, because one pill may just be more potent than another.


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