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The Difference between Male Enhancement and Penis Enlargement

Men who are looking for a resolution for their problems in the bedroom may come across many adverts on the internet for penis enlargement products as well as male enhancement supplements; but what is the difference between the two?

The two categories may seem similar at first but in reality, they are worlds apart. Penis enlargement products are designed solely to make the penis bigger whereas male enhancement supplements aim to combat sexual dysfunctions for men and by doing so, enhance the overall sexual experience. Using one product to attain the goal of the other will simply not work.

Penis Enlargement

There are a number of products and technique on the market which claim to enlarge the penis. In regards to male sexual dysfunctions though, it is unlikely that enlarging the penis will make any real difference. There may be an improvement for men who had self-confidence issues about the size of their penis which manifested themselves as some kind of dysfunction such as loss of libido or erectile dysfunction, but aside from that, the only beneficial result from penis enlargement is a larger penis.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills have been known to allow men to achieve an erection which looks larger however this is a side-effect for the real job of the enhancement supplements and by no means permanent.

Male enhancement supplements are designed to help men overcome the following problems:

  • Erectile dysfunction – Common among men of all ages all over the world, ED can be caused by a number of situation, diseases or psychological problems. Male enhancement pills force blood into the shaft of the penis in order for men to achieve a stronger erection. Because there is more blood entering the penis and stretching the tissue, the penis may look larger than it was prior to taking the pills. The amount of penile tissue remains the same however, so the penis has not gained any real size, just a better quality of erection.
  • Premature Ejaculation – Another common male sexual dysfunction. PE can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing for a man. There is no known cause as there is with ED, only possible triggers. Serotonin is thought to inhibit the ejaculation process which is why some male enhancement supplements use ingredients which have been known to increase serotonin levels naturally.
  • Loss of libido – Loss of libido in men is far rarer than it is in women. Men who lose their desire for sex are often deeply unsatisfied in all areas of their life. Again, male enhancement pills use a variety of ingredients which are known to act as aphrodisiacs in order to increase men’s sex drive again.
  • Small ejaculate amounts – Some men are unhappy with the amount of ejaculation fluid they produce. Supplements of this kind are able to help men produce more ejaculation fluid by helping the body to absorb protein which is used to produce semen. This benefits in a couple of ways, firstly the more fluid produced, the stronger and more intense the orgasm for a man. Secondly, the more amount of semen there is, the higher the fertility in most cases.

Natural Male Enhancement Supplements

Natural forms of the male enhancement pills are widely considered to be a safer, healthier option than those which can be prescribed from the doctors.

The natural formula of such pills uses extracts from plants, many of which can be bought separately at any chemists and are often used for a variety of different reasons. Some of the more common natural ingredients which can be found in many variations of male enhancement supplements have been used in traditional medicine for different cultures over thousands of years.

The main reason the experts recommend natural ingredients rather than chemical, is that there is a significantly reduced risk of side-effects for true natural enhancement supplements. Chemical enhancement pills may lead the user to suffer with:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke

In addition to this, most prescription drugs such as Viagra depend on the man taking the tablet before he has sex in time for it to take effect. This could lead to one of a few complications the first being that the man would always have to plan ahead to have sex, eliminating any spontaneity in the relationship. Next, if he planned ahead and got it wrong, then there’s every chance he may wind up with an unwanted erection for a while. Lastly of course, if things were getting hot and heavy, and a man had to stop to take a pill, it could quite easily kill the whole mood of the situation.

The natural alternative is to be taken daily. The erection process doesn’t happen unless the man is stimulated in some way and he will be able to achieve an erection whenever he wants. This of course means that all the complication of the chemical pill is avoided by one pill every morning for a fully functioning penis.


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