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The Cycle of Doubt

The cycle of doubt

In February of 2009, notable sex therapist Dr. Sandra Scantling was invited to be a guest on The Early Show to talk about the findings of a survey by The survey polled hundreds of Americans from across multiple demographics to attempt to assess the sexual health and capabilities of the American public. For the most part, Americans rated themselves a 7 out of 10 on the prowess scale, which is passing, but barely. (Other studies have indicated that the real figure may be lower than that.) Only 15 percent of Americans gave their partners the worst knock of all, calling their partners “predictable and boring.” Married couples, however, were more than twice as likely to apply this label to their spouses, as 32 percent of married persons used the “predictable and boring” category to describe their partners’ capabilities.

The cycle of doubt

There is pretty strong evidence, though, that even these figures may be a bit generous, even idealistic. The same year Elizabeth Lloyd in her thoroughly researched tome The Case of the Female Orgasm (Harvard University Press) concluded that only about 25 percent of women experience orgasm regularly during intercourse, as much as 20 percent almost never experience them, and 5 percent never experience sexual climax at all.

There are, of course, a myriad of factors surrounding this, but undoubtedly male performance issues are part of this. Female performance issues could certainly be a factor in their own right, but it is much more common that males are the ones who experience difficulties in performance. One of the biggest problems facing men is what I term the Cycle of Doubt. It works like this: man fails to perform, next time man has no confidence that he can perform, man has no confidence that he can perform, so he fails to perform.

So much of libido is a mental game, and once a man has failed a few times to maintain an erection or last long enough to satisfy a woman, he can easily start believing that he is utterly incapable of doing these things. This is a dangerous place to be, because once a man starts believing these things, they start to become true.

The good news is that, like many psychological conundrums, a few modifications to behavior or the willingness to seek help can go a long ways towards breaking this cycle. Furthermore, there are many options out there for someone who is suffering from the Cycle of Doubt. The three main categories of assistance for the problem of sexual malfunction for males are herbal supplements, medicine, and devices. Only you can decide which one is right for you. A good place to start is to read as many male enhancement reviews as you can find. Male enhancement reviews will give you a good feel for the various pros and cons associated with each particular strategy.

Be careful, however, about doing something like using a search engine to find male enhancement reviews. Many of the search engine results are going to be weighted by products that are claiming to provide reviews but are really simply providing a review of their own product. One of the better ways to find male enhancement reviews is simply to check all of the search engine results before making any decisions. Read what each product has to offer, compare the prices, and if anything seems fishy, then steer away from that site.

The more transparent a site is, the more comfortable you can feel with its product. A few of the better ones are RizerXL if you are looking for an all-natural supplement and the Quick Extender Pro if you feel that a penile enlargement would be right for you. I highly recommend the natural supplement option, simply because it solves a wide variety of issues related to libido. It can help a man get a harder erection, maintain the erection longer, avoid premature ejaculation, have greater amount of ejaculate, and have a healthier sexual desire.

Ultimately, be certain to talk to your partner about the decision you are about to make. Whatever you choose has to be the right option not just for you, but also for your partner. The whole goal of this process, after all, is togetherness, and open lines of communication are as important to creating that environment as sexual chemistry. In fact, you might be surprised about how intimately related the two are. Couples who have deep and meaningful conversations are far more likely to have a deep and meaningful sexual connection as well.



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