Talking to Your Partner About Sexual Satisfaction

Many men consulting male enhancement reviews are seeking the best way to augment their sex lives or solve a sexual problem. But when a man is in a relationship, sexual problems are mutual problems, not just his problem alone. It seems counterintuitive, but being naked with a partner is often easier than having an open conversation with them. People can share their most private physical moments with each other, and yet be less vulnerable than when they are talking about their needs and desires. And yet without these difficult and risky conversations, it can be virtually impossible to check in with your partner and find out if they are fulfilled by your sex life, or if they have unmet needs. And it’s only by communicating that a person can attain their own greatest sexual satisfaction.

If a man begins using a penis extender, his partner will definitely notice, and it may spark a larger conversation about both partners’ sexual satisfaction and desires. It’s important to take advantage of this opportunity to check in with each other and make sure that you’re both truly sexually satisfied.

Initiate the conversation outside of the bedroom, when you both have plenty of time to engage in it. While it may seem more urgent when actually in a sexual situation, it’s a poor time to conduct an important conversation. And yet dropping a few sentences over breakfast before work can seem like a bombshell, as can the dreaded claim that We Need To Talk. Choose a time when both partners are together and relaxed. Maybe a glass of wine (but not more) would help ease anxiety.

Tell your partner that you’ve been reading male enhancement reviews and are considering trying a supplement, or that you’re interested in a penis extender. Consult penis extender reviews, so you’re familiar with the products available and can answer any questions she might have about the process and how it might impact your sex life.

It can be difficult for men to share these kinds of feelings, but it’s important to share statements, not questions. And the statements must reflect vulnerability and honesty, in order for the partner to feel comfortable reciprocating. Asking open-ended questions (what do you want? what do you like?) puts all the pressure on the other person to expose themselves, and leaves them fumbling for an answer. Using statements of emotional vulnerability (I’m afraid that you aren’t satisfied, I worry that our sex life has become routine) signifies how important the subject is to you.

During the conversation, it’s crucial to listen attentively and respectfully to everything your partner shares. If she says that she would like some changes, don’t react defensively and don’t interrupt. If she’s honestly sharing her thoughts, then she can’t be wrong or mistaken.

Talking to Your Partner About Sexual SatisfactionAnother way this conversation can pose a challenge for many men is that this isn’t the time to focus on an outcome. Men are goal-oriented, and look for concrete solutions to problems, which is why they are already consulting male enhancement reviews. Problem solving ability is critical, but not during the conversation itself. Women often feel as though they begin to share an experience, and their partner interrupts her with his solution. This time is for fact-finding and exploration; share everything you can about your feelings, and learn everything you can about hers.

Male enhancement reviews may be a great resource for drawing out what your woman truly desires. It’s possible that she’s been wishing you had more sexual stamina or produced more ejaculate, but was hesitant to tell you because she didn’t know that there were available solutions.

Remember that, although these kinds of conversations can be emotionally difficult, working together on problem-solving can be sexy and fun. Perhaps instead of choosing a single male enhancement supplement, you try several and make product-testing part of your relationship. Create your own review system and enjoy the process of rating what’s on the market before making a final decision.

Sexual satisfaction in a long term relationship is something that requires as much attention and effort to maintain as all the other aspects of a relationship. Create opportunities to talk and share, exploring your feelings and desires as well as your bodies.


Author: Peter

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