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How Your Pubic Hair Affects Your Sex Life

Public Hair and your Sex Life

When it comes to looking for ways your personal grooming affects your sex life, chances are you’re used to checking out your hair, clothes and physical fitness. But when was the last time you took a moment to consider what your pubic hair might be doing to help – or hinder – your sex life? When looking around websites with male enhancement reviews, tips and advice, pubic hair may be the one topic not represented but it has a bigger impact than you think.

The Evolution of Pubic Hair

Trends in pubic hair may not get much coverage in the media, but styles for the Land Down Under have changed along with other cultural trends. Wall paintings on walls dating back to ancient Egypt depict various ways people have tried to tame and trim pubic hair. Pubic hair has been seen as a crowning beauty and unsightly overgrowth depending on the culture and time. The Egyptians, for example, saw it as unclean and uncivilized and they used a variety of methods and tools to get rid of it. Since then, pubic hair has fallen in and out of fashion. Today, culture seems to be divided. Some people adhere to a strictly ‘let nature do its thing’ philosophy while others work pubic hair maintenance costs into their monthly budgets.

How Pubic Hair Affects Your Sex Life

Public Hair and your Sex LifeWhether you trim, shave or let Mother Nature take its course, your choice on pubic hair can directly impact your sex life. Just like your other personal grooming habits, how you groom the Land Down Under can help or hinder your sexual performance and how partners see you. Here’s the rundown on the most popular styles and what they can mean for your life between the sheets.

  • Au Natural – If you don’t trim, shave or groom your pubic hair, things are pretty much dictated by genetics. Maybe you’re lucky and you won’t develop anything too out of hand. On the other hand, some people are more likely to grow something that resembles an overgrown moss garden. Unkempt pubic hair can be a bit intimidating for some people, particularly when it comes to oral sex.
  • Clean and Tidy – More and more, this has become the default setting for people. They don’t shave themselves bare but they also make sure to keep things trimmed and looking clean. This presents the best possible image for new partners as well as showing consideration for a long term sexual partner. A trimmed pubic area offers the best of both worlds – it looks good to most people and still retains the functionality of pubic hair.
  • Bare as a You Know What – Going completely bare is called by several names. Getting a Brazilian, going for the Kojak and embracing Captain Picard. No matter what you call it, the style is the same – completely hair free. For some, this is the ultimate in pubic hair grooming. It’s clean, smooth and supporters say it makes them more sensitive and heightens arousal before, during and after sex. Detractors point out that when two people hook up and neither has any pubic hair, the chance of getting a friction burn from bare skin rubbing against bare skin rises considerably. More importantly, pubic hair actually serves a function – it traps pheromones. Pheromones are a scent that the opposite sex is hard wired to find attractive. They’ve also been linked to increased attraction in same sex couples. It’s a primal scent, nearly undetectable but with tangible, noticeable effects.

With all of the options in pubic hair grooming, it’s important to consider the impact your choice can have. Although many men spend time looking at male enhancement reviews for pills, extenders, diets, exercise videos and other tools, they rarely consider the impact of their personal grooming. But the truth is that your pubic hair says a lot about you. If you’re a laid back, in tune with the Earth type, chances are you’re not going to bother spending a lot of time – or money – going for a bald look. But shaving everything bare has its fair share of problems. When it’s all said and done, it really comes down to what’s most comfortable for you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to try new styles or even have a go at making grooming a part of your sexual play. Embracing your body – and your hair – can go a long way toward making sex more fun, casual and enjoyable for both you and your partner.


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