Penis Enlargement Methods

Proven Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis enlargement and other methods have been burning up the internet at an unbelievable pace.  With the ability to explore items and shop anonymously through the convenience of the internet, taboo topics and subjects are no longer confined to close friends or family but expressed and discussed openly without ones identity being known.  A very close and personal subject would be that of a man’s penis size and openly discussing what he can do to enhance his size without fear of being ridiculed or exposing one’s own vulnerability.

By society standards, the size of a man’s penis can be reflected in his confidence and the lack of can be stereotypically depicted in the proverbial expensive car purchase.  In either case, the male penis is constantly being scrutinized, by himself and by women.  Truth be told, when women first encounters a male they might or might not be attracted to, penis size can be a fleeting thought that might race across their mind.  One may not put such importance on penis size, but society and especially the media beg to differ.

With all the attention and importance instilled upon the male penis it was only natural that methods would be discussed on the internet to enlarge its size.  I have compiled some of the most popular methods available that guarantee results and that are from reputable and established companies.

The most popular method for enlarging the penis is the penis traction system.  This system has been available for several years and its popularity continues to grow reflecting is effectiveness.  The penis traction system, commonly referred to as the penis extender is simply a device worn on the penis consisting of a base ring, a gland support for the head and two metal rods that are typically spring loaded.  The idea is that by applying a constant amount of pressure in stretching the penis, it will effectively force the penis to generate new cells and basically grow a larger penis.

This process was first applied to burn victims in trauma.  When victims who had burns that were over 25% exposed, it was necessary to use their own tissue to cover the exposed burn.  Doctors would stretch the living skin tissue over an exposed area for the tissue to regenerate new cells and effectively naturally covering the exposed area.  This same process has been applied to the penis enlargement medical device that is dubbed as the penis extender.  This penis extender is said to be rated as 95% effective in enlarging penis size if the goal is set to a 25% increase in size and girth.  Penis traction, such as the Quick Extender Pro, promises a success rate of 96% effectiveness.  With all the penis enlargement devices to choose from, they typically all produce the same results because the designs are all relatively similar.  The penis extender systems presently being sold are rated as type one medical devices and for that reason they must follow strict guidelines in manufacturing and cleanliness.  When choosing a penis extender, look for the type 1 medical logo and CE certification, such as on the Quick Extender Pro website, guaranteeing you a quality system that is clean and constructed under tight quality control.

The latest penis enlarging method was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.  By introducing a supplemental pill in your diet, penis pills promise the miracle of instant penis size.  The idea behind the pills is basically increasing blood flow and capacity into the penis forcing it to expand over the course of time and always producing a harder erection, every time.  The best thing about using these types of pills is that they are all based on all-natural herbs.  Nothing in a penis pill is pharmaceutical grade; however, some pills such as Rizer XL are developed in similar pharmaceutical quality environments.  The penis pill market has exploded in the last year with new variations and blends being sold worldwide through the internet and television ads.  Although variations are offered, one constant remains, they are all based on proven and healthy herbal supplements that were harvested for their special properties.

The great thing about using a pill is its uses aren’t limited to just enlarging your penis but the act of enhancing yourself and your penis.  These pills target not only giving you the means to greater pleasuring your partner but to also enhance male pleasure.  Some pills like Rizer XL offer special blends that increase orgasm strength and drastically increase your amount of ejaculate, up to 500%.  Finally, with all the benefits, they have developed a supplement for a controlled source of energy that is gradually introduced into your system.

Because everything is timed released, penis enhancement pills now offer these benefits spread out evenly throughout the day.  By controlling the dosage, the effects are noticeable only when you are sexually stimulated.

Penis enhancement and enlargement have come a long way.  It has evolved just as the internet, to accommodate a growing segment of the beauty and health industry.  We might not talk about our insecurities in public, but the internet has given men the authority to regain or boost lost confidence.  The enlargement and enhancement industry have given much hope and have turned dreams into reality.


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