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Penis Enlargement: How it Works

The team behind the Quick Extender Pro are some of the most knowledgeable, experienced experts in the penis enlargement field, having worked for years on perfecting the ultimate penis enlargement device. What is more, they acknowledge that the process of developing the device is one on which customers around the world are relying. It is therefore of paramount importance that they combine their design techniques with proven science to ensure perfect results every time.

The Quick Extender Pro has literally hundreds of satisfied users around the world, and this is primarily down to the way that the product is made to ensure lasting comfort, absolutely no pain and excellent results.

The Quick Extender Pro works by causing small tears within the shaft of the penis. These tears are completely painless and not at all visible to the naked eye. As with any injuries or muscle building schemes, the body then works fast to remedy the gaps in the tissue. The enlargement happens through the body dividing cells to fill these gaps, causing a noticeable increase in both the length and the girth of the penis. The longer the user works with the Quick Extender Pro, the more tears are caused, meaning greater, lasting results. To the body, when the repair is made, nothing is amiss and the increased penis size continues, meaning long lasting results.

As mentioned, while the body is being slightly damaged, the whole process is completely painless. It works in the same way as body builders building muscle, whereby the muscle tissue is essentially damaged through rigorous workouts, and then filled in with new tissue, leading to growth. While some discomfort can be felt during that process, penis enlargement with Quick Extender Pro causes tears that are minute in comparison, meaning absolutely no pain at all.

The end result, when the body has healed fully, is a longer, larger penis. Continued treatment can cause further growth, while results will remain permanently. A penis extender is the safest choice for real penis enlargement and should be your first choice. It’s a gradual, non-evasive technique that has been proven to be extremely effective. The prices of these devices also have come down significantly making them an affordable solution for anyone.


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