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For most men, the penis is more than just a part of the body; it’s a central part of their identity. The way it looks, the way it feels (inside and out), and the way it performs affect every aspect of their lives. If a man lacks confidence in his penis, he lacks confidence in himself. Fortunately, we live in an age where science and research have combined to give men many options for how to improve their penis and their sex lives. In some cases, it may seem like too many options; men may want to consult reputable male enhancement reviews to help them sort fact from fiction and get the real, measurable, lasting results they are looking for.

ReviewsMen can use male enhancement supplements to improve not only the appearance or performance of their penis, but to improve their sex lives and sexual health. Improving male sexual health impacts every aspect of a man’s well-being and quality of life.

Physical benefits: men who have regular sex and frequent ejaculations are more physically healthy overall. Sex improves a man’s heart health and lowers blood pressure while increasing circulation and reducing the risk of stroke. Frequent sex also increases immune system antibodies that can increase resistance to colds and flu by as much as 30%. Regular ejaculation significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Having sex burns calories and can contribute to maintaining a healthy body weight, as well as increasing muscle strength and endurance. The pleasure hormones released during sex reduce pain and contribute to deep and restful sleep, which plays an important role in physical health. Having sex may also boost testosterone levels, which not only helps men have more sex, but maintain bone density, reduce fat, tone muscles, and actually slow the aging process. Studies show that having at least two orgasms a week can increase your life span, which is what physical health is all about.

Happy CoupleEmotional benefits: people who have regular sex are more emotionally healthy than those who don’t. Sex releases tension, reduces irritability. and lowers stress, contributing to a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Lowered sex enables people to respond better to life’s challenges outside the bedroom. Sex also boosts confidence and self-esteem, which improves performance and ability at work and in all aspects of life. Having sex boosts oxytocin, the hormone that creates feelings of love and trust, and is crucial to forming deep emotional bonds with your partner. Oxytocin boosts feelings of generosity and empathy. Sex even promotes happiness; a study shows that having regular, satisfying sex makes a couple as happy as if they earned an additional $100,000 a year. With all these emotional upsides, it’s no wonder that sexually satisfied people are happier.

Spiritual benefits. Yes, many people don’t consider the spiritual benefits to having a satisfying sex life, but it’s an important, although often overlooked, aspect of whole-body health and wellness. For many cultures and time periods, sex has been an integral part of spiritual and religious practice. Sexuality can open the heart, and create experiences similar to meditative states or mystical bliss. Many religions teach that during sex, awareness of the body and breath, particularly when accompanied by a conscious decision to delay orgasm, helps the mind reach a higher state. And it is also often believed that sex is a powerful act that unites the universal principles of male and female, high and low, light and dark, and creates a microcosm of the whole universe as a single act. Even many modern Christian churches and leaders are beginning to recognize the importance of sex as an aspect of meaningful spiritual love and expression. Nowadays, even The Archbishop of Canterbury believes in the grace of good sex.

With so much to gain, and in every single aspect of whole-body health, men should take advantage of every opportunity to improve their sexual performance and ability, whether that means using a penis extender, a male supplement pill, or anything that makes them feel better about their penis. Consult reliable penis enlargement reviews and male enhancement reviews online and make an educated choice about which products are the right ones for them.


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