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Why It’s Important to Do Your Homework When Buying Male Enhancement Supplements

Taking care of yourself is important – that’s a no brainer. With so many options available for Do It Yourself personal improvement, taking care of yourself now means doing plenty of research, talking to a trusted medical advisor and being aware of how your body reacts to things. That’s a pretty tall order considering how busy and distracted most people are on a daily Male Enhancement Supplements basis. Demands from a person’s work, home and social life often means that they cut corners when it comes to personal care. While most think that doesn’t matter it can end with tragic results.

Checking Supplements Before You Take Them

Any time a set of vitamins or supplements is advertised on television, in magazines or online there’s always a disclaimer that people should consult with their physician before they begin taking them. This same advice is given to people before they begin a program of diet and exercise as well. This initial consultation with your personal physician helps people to understand how their new supplement, diet or exercise routine could impact their health both positively and negatively. Supplements and vitamins, for example, are generally seen as being beneficial, but they can also interact poorly with some medications. Reviewing what you’re already taking and what you’d like to add to your supplement regimen gives your physician the chance to discuss any potential interactions and let you know what side effects to look out for.

Of course, too many people ignore this simple advice and just figure what can it hurt. But one recent news story drove him just how important this can be. In December 2014, a University of Pennsylvania student, Timothy Hamlett, disappeared. As of March 2015 he remains missing but his parents have stepped forward to claim their son’s addiction to energy supplements and, bizarrely, penis enlargement pills could have played a role.

According to his parents, Hamlett began using energy supplements and penis enlargement pills through a number of online outlets including Amazon and eBay. Hamlett began using these after having claimed a fellow track athlete had spiked him during an indoor track meet, leaving him with a six-inch gash along his left leg. At the time, he said the supplements helped him to recover and, in fact, he did seem better for a while. He returned to track competition and continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But, over time, his parents say all that changed and it wasn’t long before their song began acting strangely and exhibiting signs of real trouble. When he went missing in December of 2014, the family thought the worst. Now, nearly five months later, the family has stepped forward with their concerns in an effort to help others.

Mixing Supplements Doesn’t Make Sense

Both energy and male enhancement supplements are created by blending a number of different herbs, minerals and vitamins. Energy supplements also often ass things like green tea, maca and caffeine to help give users an extra boost. Taken on their own, either of these supplements can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. But taken together they can wreak havoc.

This is something Hamlett could have learned if he had taken the time to read male enhancement reviews before he began taking the pills. Many men who write, post and comment on male enhancement reviews through forums, message boards and other websites have warned others about mixing supplements or taking too much since that can pose serious health risks. For young men like Timothy Hamlett, those warning went either unread or unheeded.

Male enhancement reviews do more than tell men which supplements work – they offer insight and advice on the safest way to boost libido, stamina and performance. By making male enhancement reviews a part of your research before you start on a self-improvement process you’ll be safeguarding your health and ensuring your routine helps instead of hinders.


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