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Self improvement

There’s always room for improvement in life; a common saying which helps to drive people forward in times of trouble. It rings true when it comes to sexual activities as well, though. No matter how good someone is at pleasuring their partners they can always do better. Perfection is an unobtainable goal, but it’s something everybody should strive for. Although male enhancement pills work wonders, combining them with lifestyle changes can help boost the impact they have.

Why Always Improve?

Self improvementMen who are using some form of male enhancement product might think about why they really need to waste time improving themselves further. It’s a natural feeling to have because when humans achieve something they’d love to sit down and become complacent. But the reality of improvement is achieving something is only effective for a certain period of time. Eventually, the receiver of these benefits, which in this case is the man’s partner, becomes bored and sex becomes stale.

Even using different techniques eventually becomes dull. It’s the same level of sensation and the same level of pleasure. It’s like receiving a massage; it starts out really well but after an hour the mass release of endorphin’s isn’t there and it just doesn’t feel the same anymore.

To constantly reinvigorate a sexual relationship they need to regularly look at how they can improve. When using enhancement pills there’s apparently nowhere else the user can go. But by changing their lifestyle to a healthier one their performances remarkably improve. Enhancement can only enhance what’s already there, it can’t transform the body, just as pills can’t help people lose weight.

Furthermore, self-improvement is an incredibly attractive trait in a man, so it isn’t just for people in long-term committed relationships.


Quit SmokingSmoking is a well-known way to help reduce the level of quality sex. When the various chemicals and other toxic substances descend into the body they retard sperm cells. They reduce the rate at which they replicate, which ultimately decreases the amount of overall sperm in the body. This is one area of sexual performance effected already. Multiple studies have also highlighted its negative effects on the level of libido.

Where smoking really begins to prevent men from having good sex is in the stamina department. Since smoking invades the lungs primarily it’s impossible to participate in any such excretions for an extended period of time. Even if the individual hasn’t ejaculated yet, they would still have to stop thrusting to cough, splutter, and get their breath back. The level of stamina normally only becomes an issue as smokers hit the midpoint of their lives, but early prevention is the key to stopping it.

If smokers can’t simply put away their cigarettes and quit they should seek professional help. Quitting smoking is no easy task and requires months of commitment and support. Professionals can offer tailored treatment programs geared towards each individual smoker’s needs.

Fatty Foods

Regularly eating foods with obscenely high levels of saturated fat also impacts the level of sexual performance. Like smoking, the main problem comes with stamina. It’s difficult to thrust and gyrate for an extended period of time without getting out of breath. Soon the man becomes sweaty and dehydrated; neither of which are attractive traits for most women.

Eating RightOutside of the stamina issues, male enhancement desperately tries to compensate for poor erections. Saturated fat causes fatty deposits, known as atheromas, to develop in the arteries of the body. Not only does it lead to high blood pressure, it reduces the amount of blood flowing through to the penis. The hardness of the erection becomes compromised, and in serious cases the individual can’t even develop an erection.

To put it simply, a better diet is the key to reducing the effect of fatty foods. Instead of having a pizza, have a salad. Most people can successfully alter their diets in the comfort of their own homes, but sometimes it’s the manifestation of a more serious problem. Some over-indulgent men actually comfort eat to hide other deep-rooted conditions. In this situation, the only option is to go to a doctor and seek counselling. Comfort eating is entirely psychological and involves changing the person’s frame of mind.

The Perfect Lifestyle

Someone who exercises regularly, eats well, and has no underlying genetic or health conditions must seem like the perfect specimen  And the minority of people in this position feel the same way. There’s still room for improvement, though. As mentioned above, achieving perfection isn’t possible. Nobody can prevent the onset of aging. With aging sexual performance naturally decreases. The hormone levels of the body drain away and nobody can do anything about it.

Every man confronts this sooner or later, so even if they are healthy they must continue to improve themselves. It’s essentially a treadmill because nobody can get to the top and stay at the top forever. But by combining high quality male enhancement, men can make the best of their current situation. For their age, they can achieve peek sexual conditioning.


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