Penis Enlargement Methods

A few Different Penis Enlargement Methods

Men desiring to increase the length and girth of the penis have several different options to choose from. As with anything else, some options that seem to work better than others. In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss some of the most popular penis enlargement methods and what you can expect from them. Keep in mind that every man will react differently to whatever penis enlargement regimen he decides to undertake. In plain English, results will vary.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement SurgeryFor some reason a large percentage of the medical community looks to surgery as the only genuine way to increase the size of the penis. They completely discount some of the other methods as being workable. Nonetheless, penis enlargement surgery is practiced all over the world and generally comes in one of two flavors: tendon severing and fat injection.

Tendon Severing – There is a tendon at the base of the penis which holds it to the wall of the abdomen. Not only does the tendon hold the penis in position, it’s also largely responsible for the erect penis pointing up. With tendon severing surgery the doctor cuts that tendon and allows the penis to hang freely. The lack of tension can add up to a full inch in length but unfortunately, the penis will no longer stand at attention.

Fat Injections – The idea of fat injections is similar to that of using Botox to increase the size of the lips. In this type of surgery the doctor simply takes fat cells from one part of the body and injects them into the spongy tissue of the penis. There are several problems with this method. First of all, it is hard to make sure the injections are uniform all across the shaft of the penis. This can result in lumps and other malformations. Second, the fat cells eventually break down and the penis returns to normal size.

With both types of surgeries it’s important to note that there are certain inherent risks. For example, all invasive surgeries carry with them the risk of infection, and infection can be especially damaging to sensitive penile tissue. This is one of the reasons why doctors tend to use surgery as a last resort. Penis enlargement surgery can also be rather expensive. If the results aren’t what you’d expect you will have wasted your money.

Penis Enlargement Device

The second method of penis enlargement is to use a device designed to increase blood flow or stretch the tissue. Like surgery, penis enlargement devices typically come in two flavors: penis pumps and traction devices.

Penis Pumps – The penis pump is exactly what it sounds like. It is a device you insert your penis into which creates suction by using a hand-held pump. The idea of the penis pump is to encourage blood flow into the penis. It’s actually quite successful in that task, which is why men who suffer from the dreaded erectile dysfunction are often given penis pumps as a treatment. Unfortunately, the results realized by using this device are only temporary for most men.

Traction Device – A traction device can also be referred to as a penis stretcher or a penis extender. It is a device which applies a consistent pulling motion on the penis. The idea behind traction is to stretch the tissue slowly and gradually, thus encouraging the body to naturally produce more tissue to fill in the gaps left behind by the stretching. It’s the same principle bodybuilders use to increase muscle tone and mass. The reason traction devices are so popular these days is because they provide real, measurable results without risk of injury or pain. To view some examples of penis extenders click here.

Jelqing Exercises

JelqingThe third proven method of penis enlargement is jelqing exercises. These exercises go back to ancient Egypt. They actually involve the same line of thinking as traction; the only differences are the fact that jelqing is done manually and takes a little bit longer to see the same results. If you’re interested in learning about jelqing exercises there are lots of online resources that explain how to do them and the theory behind him.

There are some companies producing oral supplements and topical creams and ointments aimed at helping increase penis size. Unfortunately, these products usually don’t have any scientific evidence backing up claims made by manufacturers. You’re certainly free to try them, but don’t be surprised if they don’t work. Increasing penis size is a combination of increased tissue production and improves blood flow. Oral supplements and topical products don’t really address these two areas.

On the other hand, there are some male enhancement supplements that can help improve your sexual performance and libido. Combined with a larger penis this could transform you from the average Joe on the street to the sexual powerhouse you want to be. If you’re suffering from issues like premature ejaculation, low ejaculate volume, and insufficient stamina – along with small penis size — there’s no reason why you can’t combine the use of a penis extender and male enhancement supplements.


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