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10 Sex Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong

10 sex facts

No matter how much sex education you received or which books you read, chances are these sexual myths are embedded in your brain. These are the myths about sex everyone has heard and most people still believe. But we’re about to set the record straight and make you a bona fide sexual expert, so get ready to debunk the Top 10 most prevalent sex myths.

1. Men Peak Sexually Around Age 18

10 sex factsThis is a myth which has a grain of truth to it, which may be why it has persisted for so long. Men get their peak of the hormone testosterone in their late teens, but that doesn’t mean they’ve peaked sexually. Hormone levels do play a part when it comes to sexual performance, but technique, sex drive and style are all important factors a well and those don’t usually hit their stride until many years later. Men just entering adulthood may he raring and ready to go but when it comes down to it, very few know what to do or how to do it well.

2. Being Able to Perform Well in the Bedroom is Just a Natural Talent

While some natural abilities like rhythm do help when it comes to bedroom performance, upping your game between the sheets isn’t all down to the luck of the draw. Improving your technique by reading sex manuals and giving yourself a boost with stamina and strength all help you to bring your A Game to the bedroom.

3. After a Relationship Begins, Sex Starts to Slow Down

Sex drives can begin to wane, particularly once you’ve been in a relationship for awhile. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Some couples just need a bit of help injecting fun and spontaneity back into their relationships. If you find the frequency of sex beginning to wane, surprise her with a special date night, introduce new fun routines or role play into your sex life or simply sweep her off her feet for an impromptu session.

4. After a Certain Age Your Sex Drive Takes a Dive

Aging does have an effect on a man’s sex drive but eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, keeping fit and active and using high quality supplements can all help keep your sex drive up. If you believe the condition is more serious, ask your doctor about testosterone injections or patches.

5. Viagra is the Only Effective Treatment for Any Kind of Erectile Dysfunction

Although Viagra is the most popular pharmaceutical treatment for various types of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) it’s not the only option. Many forms of ED can be managed and even cured by changes in your lifestyle – namely, diet and exercise.

6. Size Matters

This is another myth build on a small foundation of truth. According to dozens of studies, size does matter – but only up to a point. Many women also say that girth is more important than length. So if you’re looking at penis extenders, maybe it’s time to check out devices that help with girth as well as length.

7. Premature Ejaculation Only Affects Very Young and Much Older Men

Premature ejaculation affects millions of men every year and those men come from every age group, ever social class and every variation in demographics you can possibly think of. Premature ejaculation has little to do with age and more to do with stress levels. Don’t think you’re immune just because of your age.

8. Masturbation is Unhealthy for You and Hurts Your Relationships

Masturbation has a number of health benefits, including helping to boost your body’s natural immunity to disease and helping to prevent prostate cancer. As far as your relationship goes, masturbation can help men last longer in bed and also gives them a chance to fantasize and get creative about their bedroom activities. Far from being a hurtful activity, masturbation can actually improve your health and give your relationship a boost!

9. Men Can’t Have Multiple Orgasms

When it comes to discussing the male orgasm, too often people confuse climax for orgasm. The climax is the moment a man ejaculate, which does indeed take him out of the running for awhile. But men can experience multiple body orgasms just like their partners. The trick for men is to find a way to go right to the brink of almost ejaculating, then pulling the activity back and letting him ‘cool down’ for 30 seconds or so. It can be difficult to master at first, but plenty of men find it well worth it.

10. Sex is More Important to Men Than to Women

This is perhaps the most dangerous sex myth of all. While women may place more importance on an emotional connection, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to wanting to connect physically. Plenty of women haven’t had the chance to fully explore their own sexuality so be sure to give her the room and security she needs to suggest new ideas or try new positions. The level of her excitement and enthusiasm will surprise you.


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