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#6 Rated Penis Extender: Phallosan


Our Ratings for Phallosan

Total Score
Safety 7.0
Performance & Results 6.0
Comfort 6.0
Value 6.0
Warranty & Guarantee 5.0
Overall Quality 8.0
Privacy Factor 10
Customer Service 7.0
Bonuses Score 0.0
Shipping 8.0

What makes the Phallosan Different

We normally would of liked to compare apples with apples but since the Phallosan does basically the same thing as a conventional penis extender, we figured that we should give it a try. The quality was there as expected for yet another device that was made in Europe. Personally, I wasn't crazy about wearing the Phallosan. I found it awkward and I can't imagine wearing it for more than 10 minutes at a time. I don't doubt the effectiveness of this product because you do get the same stretch that you get from a regular penis extender.

Phallosan Price Range

Price Range

Phallosan Pros

  • The Phallosan is unique

Phallosan Cons

  • Shipped from Europe

Phallosan Coupon Codes and Discounts

Coupon Codes and Discounts

ProExtender Review: Final Thoughts

The Phallosan is an alternative to penis extenders. You may or may not like it, it is a very personal choice.

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