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#3 Rated Penis Extender: Male Edge

Male Edge

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Our Ratings for Male Edge

Total Score
Safety 9.5
Performance & Results 8.5
Comfort 7.5
Value 9.5
Warranty & Guarantee 9.5
Overall Quality 9.0
Privacy Factor 10
Customer Service 9.5
Bonuses Score 9.0
Shipping 9.0

What makes the Male Male Edge different

For some reason that baffles us, the Male Edge went back in time on the flat strap support piece while simply updating its color palette. The flat strap is an older design similar to a think band aid that is used to secure the tip of the penis to the device. It's been proven that this design is way more uncomfortable than the conventional comfort strap system and traps moisture which can lead to other negative side effects. Aside from those two drawbacks, the device is extremely well made, light and highly adjustable. It is one of the easiest devices to assemble that we ever experienced and as such, makes it a joy to put on and remove.

Male Edge Promotional Video

No video available for Male Edge.

Male Edge Price Range

Price Range

Male Edge Pros

  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Looks great and very modern
  • Colorful
  • 3 Fully Featured Packages To Choose From
  • Moderate to High Pricing

Male Edge Cons

  • Shipped from Europe
  • As mentioned, potentially problematic flat strap support piece
  • The top glan support cuts into skin, restricts movement
  • Expensive spare parts

Male Edge Coupon Codes and Discounts

Coupon Codes and Discounts

Male Edge Review: Final Thoughts

The male edge extender is off to a great start. The materials are top quality and the device is extremely light and strong. The feedback from the male edge community has been overall positive and we can see how the device tries to be the next generation. Unfortunately, it took one step backwards by incorporating the flat strap support piece. The male edge is difficult to walk with when on. The tip continually pinched us making it very unforgettable. However, when remaining seated or still with minimal movement it was easy to forget one was wearing a penis extender. The only thing we were primarily concerned about was that the device recommends 8 hours of usage a day and with the well known fact that flat strap traps moisture, the chance for bacterial infection is increased significantly. However there is light under this moist tunnel, if you clean yourself regularly and your device, the chances of getting infection is greatly reduced.

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