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Penis Extenders: What to Expect When Using One

When people decide to use a penis extender they normally want one thing and one thing only: to increase the size of their penis. But not every single device on the market will actually increase the size of the male sex organ at all. In fact, there are a large number of products that don’t actually have any impact at all. When using a penis extender though, the expectations are much higher.

Results are the Key

Increase Penis Length and Width

Penis extenders work based on the scientific principle of "penile traction" and have been proven to work through numerous studies. The principle is that when the penis is stretched and extended the cells are forced to replicate in the same direction to essentially ‘plug the gap’ caused by microscopic tears in the penile tissue. Extenders are designed to take advantage of this without causing any damage because if the force is too strong then it will tear and twist the ligaments within the penis. It must be done gradually and slowly, which is why it will take a few weeks to notice any results.

What makes the penis extender different from any other product is that it is effective when used as instructed. A number of different methods on the market don’t actually work at all. One can think of pills, lotions and other contraptions.

Difference in Penis Extenders

A point does have to be made on the difference between the extenders themselves, though. Those who utilize these devices will find that the results are slightly different depending on the brand and the quality they use. If they use a poor quality penis extender then they may not get any results at all. In fact, many of these inferior tools have been shown to actually cause more problems. Abrasive and rough materials can irritate the skin, and swelling isn’t uncommon.

Penis Extender

More than Only Gaining Size

When people speak of these types of penis extenders they tend to be speaking of them in relation to the size advantages that they can provide. What some people don't know is that they can solve penis curvature issues that plague so many men. Dealing with a curvature in the penis is imperative to the enjoyment that can be gained from sex as attempting to position the penis when it’s a curvature can feel very awkward, and can even be uncomfortable.

Extenders can also help to treat some medical diseases. Peyronie’s disease is one such disease where the penis literally has a bend in it. Sex is almost impossible and it can leave many men suffering from low self-esteem. Over time, the extender will stretch the penis and will gradually break up the lump that’s under the skin, which is the source of the problem. Please note that you should always use with medical supervision when treating any type of disease.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Believe it or not, a smaller penis can actually be something that can cause serious mental problems in men. The belief goes that the penis is a sign of masculinity. If it’s smaller then the individual is considered to be less of a man. Some people may scoff at this believe as on paper it sounds quite silly, but the point is that it does exist; whether it happens to exist rightly or wrongly.

Increase Penis Length and Width

This low confidence and a lack of self-esteem, obviously, will impact how they interact with the opposite sex. If they have a chance to form a meaningful relationship then they are probably going to abstain from it and potentially miss out on picking up a lifelong friend or partner. Other areas of life, however, will also see some significant damage. Those with low confidence and self-esteem in one area of life will end up seeing it transfer over to other areas of life. Where a confident male would ask for that promotion an unconfident individual wouldn’t even think about it.

Gaining that bigger penis through use of a penis extender device can provide that confidence and self-esteem that can radiate out to all areas of the user’s life. These benefits alone are going to be seen on a consistent basis when it comes to men, guaranteed.

Discretion and Portability

Penis extenders are often mistaken for devices that people wear while they are home alone. In the past this was quite true. Now, though, the difference is that these products can actually be worn throughout the day under your clothing. The top quality brands are known for providing these benefits and can be worn with discretion. Simply go to a bathroom and put it on and then return when it’s time to take it off, it really is that easy.

Furthermore, what users can expect is a unique device that doesn’t have to be used during sex, or just before sex. Pills, creams, and pumps all have to come into play during this time. And that can make it quite hard to hide it from a partner. But with the penis extender it can be used any time as long as it’s used on a regular basis.

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