Best Penis Extender

Best Penis Extender

Editors Choice: Quick Extender Pro with DSS System

Best Penis Extender

With so many factors to take into account in determining what the best penis extender is, the process can take several months before a winner is chosen. If you have been searching for the absolute best penis extender, look no further than the Quick Extender Pro. Combining outstanding results, impeccable customer service, an advanced system composed of top notch quality and in depth comprehensive user's guide, the Quick Extender Pro is the reigning champ in a sea of contenders.

We received several deluxe packages to let our experts review over a 6 months period and the results are finally in. The Quick Extender Pro system received a unanimous decision from each panelist as 100% effective in increasing both length and girth when worn as instructed.


Best Penis Extender

According to their website, users typically gain on average 20%-30% over 6 months; however those numbers appear to be highly underrated as the test panel has shown increases up to 40% in such a short time.

Individual users were presented with a complete system and their reported result has been tremendously positive.

In terms of length increase the minimum reported gains were 23% over 5 months and 41% over 8 months of use.

Quick Extender Pro Breakdown

The only explanation for the difference in size gains was that some users wore the device more hours throughout the day than others and that outside factors such as health, diet etc. might affect your results.

All in all, the results are conclusive and the facts speak for themselves. Backed by a 6 month money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty at no additional cost, the Quick Extender Pro delivers the knockout punch on all ends. With a clever, comfortable and effective new support system, the Quick Extender Pro truly is a second generation penis extender, or at least until 3rd generation system begins to appear.

Here's a breakdown of the Quick Extender Pro system. We recommend you read through to fully understand it's capabilities and if this system is truly the one for you.

The Quick Extender Pro is an ultra modern traction system designed to promote cellular growth within the penis tissue. This device was designed from the base to tip to do just that, increase penis size in length and girth through the highly adjustable system. The Quick Extender Pro is a second generation penis extender and surpasses existing devices providing the ultimate in comfort, unbeatable slip control and is fully customizable.

Base Contoured for Comfort

The base section of Quick Extender Pro is made of a firm but malleable medical grade and hypoallergenic synthetic that conforms universally to the pubic bone. The smooth contours were universally developed to perfectly fit the body in an ergonomically and anatomically correct way to ensure total and complete comfort.

Comfortable Fastening Strap

The Quick Extender Pro is secured to the penis through an ultra comfortable padding system that exclusively distributes the tension from both the tip of the penis and the shaft. The unique and clinically proven glan support prevents bacterial infections (A common issue with older "Flat Strap" pads) while giving the user exclusive access to the Slip Control design. The Quick Extender Pro allows users a minimum of 10 hours of consecutive use before readjustment is required.

Easy Adjustment

The Quick Extender Pro adds even greater control and stability with the ability to increase or decrease size through our Precision Trac 1 click mutli-stage adjustments. With our system you can precisely control how much you wish to adjust the size and give complete control on your progress to make your treatment seamless and efficient. By having the ability to extend the device incrementally the user will no longer be restricted to preset size increases delivering outstanding comfort throughout the treatment.

Multi Sized Traction Rods

The Quick Extender Pro includes additional fully adjustable extension rods to accommodate any size person from a micro size penis (0.5 inches) up to 13 inches in length. The Quick Extender Pro deluxe edition will include a variety of extension bars so you will no longer need to purchase any additional spare parts, further adding even greater value to an already complete system.

Precise Tension Measurement

The Quick Extender Pro incorporates an advanced spring loaded adjustable tension system. As a second generation penis extender, the Quick Extender Pro is a fully scalable system and allows the use of between 350 and 3000 grams of force. By having the ability to self control your level of tension, you can fine tune your program for the absolute quickest and most comfortable results.

Swivel Attachment

The Quick Extender Pro has a unique swivel base which allows for 180 degree movement. The flexibility of a non-rigid base allows for more options in positioning the penis in several directions and the device becomes adaptable to your situations. The swivel base allows for more movement when walking around and while still maintaining maximum and fixed tension so your progress will never be interrupted.

The Quick Extender Pro DSS has redefined the penis extender system by adding the most advanced innovations raising the industry standard and becoming the only system with a 98.5% success rate. Covered by an industry shattering lifetime warranty you can be sure you are getting only the best for your money.

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