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Penile Extenders: Can Your Penis Be All You Want It to Be?

Can Your Penis Be All You Want It to Be?

If you suffer from a small or deformed penis, your options are, unfortunately, few. You can undergo surgery, which carries very high risk for scarring and permanent injury. You can use enhancement drugs which may or may not help, although some recent male enhancement reviews show that several supplements containing a mixture of herbs can actually help. You can do physical therapy that is questionable in its results. The only other way to accomplish penile extension is to use penis extenders. There are many products on the market, many devices from which to choose so it is always good to read as many penis extender reviews as possible and read what actual customers have to say about the devices. The three devices that came out on top by a large margin in penile extender reviews are: the Male Edge Extender, the Size Genetics System, and the Quick Extender Pro.

Can Your Penis Be All You Want It to Be?Coming in third according to the penile extender reviews, is the Male Edge Extender. Its design looks similar to many penis extenders and traction devices, but it uses a very old style strap to secure the penis which has been deemed fairly uncomfortable. Coming in second according to penis extender reviews is the Size Genetics System which is said to use top medical grade materials and design. It is able to correct any aberrant curvature as well as increase penis size by inches in a matter of weeks. Although it is very highly rated, it is also very expensive (probably due to the quality of materials from which it is made) and, as such, may be outside the price range of many men seeking to enhance their manhood. The number one device according to many penile extender reviews is the Quick Extender Pro. This device is said to be the most comfortable penis extender in existence and is extremely affordable. It not only will increase the length of your penis but its girth as well. Customers rave at the fact that it is painless and easy to use, has a double strap system, and has affordable options.

While penis extenders can really extend the length and increase the girth of your penis in more than a temporary way, less costly options are male enhancement supplements for more temporary, immediate solutions. Male enhancement reviews have ranked the top three supplements as follows: Pro Solutions Pills, Male Extra supplement and Rizer XL. These supplements not only increase sexual libido and prowess, but they also can enlarge your penis. The male enlargement and enhancement reviews have deemed Pro Solutions Pills as being the number 3 product on the market for this sort of treatment. Pro Solutions Pills, according to the male enhancement reviews, is a combination of two ingredients which decrease nitrous oxide, causes penile tissue to relax, allows higher blood flow into the penis, and increases the amount of testosterone in the body. It does do these things, but not in a big way. In other words, of the top three, it is the mildest of the bunch. Male enlargement reviews ranked Male Extra as the second most effective product. This supplement contains six ingredients that have been independently proven to increase penis size, increase erection hardness and to do so over a couple of months at a time. This is quite a nice advantage and pretty amazing from just a little pill! The top ranked supplement in male enhancement reviews is Rizer XL. Rizer XL doesn’t hold back on ingredients: no less than 16 proven male enhancement herbs are packed into these pills. Rizer XL has been refined over its time on the market to give the best possible results. As such, according to male enlargement and enhancement reviews, there are very few complaints and only happy, larger, more virile customers. This supplement works on size, hardness, libido, orgasm strength, and endurance, increased testosterone…just to name a few.

These reviews were very thorough, but read for yourself. The male enhancement reviews and male extender reviews contained here will give you detailed reasons for the rankings, allowing you to pick and choose what exactly you want to enhance and how best to go about it.


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