Male Enhancement

The Male Enhancement Marketplace – Scams or Science?

Male Enhancement Marketplace

Male enhancement reviews cover a wide variety of products. Whether you are researching supplements to boost your stamina and increase sex drive or products to increase your penis

or otherwise improve your sexual performance, not only is there a product for you, there are also probably plenty of male enhancement reviews covering everything from the way it is advertised and sold to how well it works and whether or not it delivers real value for money.

At the same time, we all know there are plenty of examples of companies using fake reviews to boost their product. As a result, we know that not all reviews can be taken as face value. That implies we can’t assume to best about every product either. So how are guys supposed to be able to tell the difference? After all, they don’t want to invest in every product that seems great. Not only will that be an exercise in futility, it can easily drain a man’s bank account and put a real strain on his budget.

The fact is that the male enhancement marketplace is much better than it has ever been before. More and more companies are waking up to the realisation that if they are willing to invest in the best products for their customers, they will earn more than fly by night companies out to scam the public. People are becoming more and more open about their shopping experiences online, even when it comes to products once seen as intimately personal or downright taboo.

One of the reasons this has come about is that many people are open about sharing their reviews anonymously online. Retail websites and sites dedicated to male and sexual health offer guys a way to be frank and painfully honest about everything from the way a company treats them to how well famous products really work without fear of being found out by their friends or family.

The anonymity afforded by the Internet has made companies more accountable for their products. As men have rushed to offer their own penis enlargement, supplement and male enhancement reviews for every product available, companies have had to answer when they have been accused of having substandard products or customer service.

At first, this resulted in a lot of angry customers and plenty of reviews that were little more than rants against companies that put profits over people. But as time went on, companies realised these negative reviews could be turned into valuable insight into what men really wanted and a clear idea of what the market currently offered.

Over the next several years, people began to see a change in the kinds of products offered in the male enhancement market. At the same time, male enhancement reviews were evolving as well. Review writers began posting on multiple sites and using more advanced methods to share their experiences. Photos and videos are now commonly found when men search for reviews on almost any product.

As both the products and reviews evolved and grew, the products themselves became increasingly better as review writers, videographers and bloggers became more demanding and more critical. This new generations of reviewers also became more informed about how these products worked and, as a result, they were able to offer specific insights on the ingredients of a specific supplement, the design of an enlargement device or the science behind the exercise regimen that promises increased stamina.

Now, spotting a product that is likely to be a scam is usually fairly simple when you know what to look for. Here are the top three red flags:

No Independent Reviews – Even a product new to the market will have a handful of reviews by ardent bloggers and other authors. Many men go out of their way to be beta testers for products. So if a product only has reviews on their own website and you can’t find a mention of it anywhere else, be sceptical.

The Company Has a Poor Track Record – Does the company selling it have a reputation for good customer service or for ripping people off? A company with a known record for crappy service is unlikely to be selling anything worthwhile.

It Overpromises – At the end of the day the old adage about believability is still the best way to spot a scam – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


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