Low Libido

Helping Him Get His Groove Back

We realize most of our readers will be men, but for the smaller number of women who do read our posts, this one’s for you. We want to help you help your man gets his groove back. By “getting his groove back” we’re talking about helping him regain that lost sexual desire from days gone by. We know doing so is necessary for your healthy relationship and his own self-confidence.

We often refer to a loss of sexual desire as a reduced libido. Technically that’s not correct, as “libido” is strictly defined as a desire for anything, but we’ll still use the word and its common meaning here.

A reduced libido is fairly common as a result of age. Yet at the same time, it’s not normally apparent in men prior to age 45 or 50. Reduced libido at an earlier age is usually a good sign of problems other than hormonal changes brought on by age.

Discovering Where It Went

Stress and Fatigue lowers libidoIf your man has lost his groove finding out where it went is the first step. Other than the hormonal changes of aging, there are a couple of reasons for reduced libido in men prior to middle age. They include:

Stress – We already know how negatively stress can affect the human body. It is a contributing factor to serious conditions like hypertension, ulcers, heart attack, stroke, anxiety, and so on. It would stand to reason that stress can also affect libido by altering the chemical balance within the body. And in fact, that’s just what stress does. When built up stress is not dealt with it causes the brain to change the production cycle of various hormones and other chemicals, which throw off just about everything.

Fatigue – Oftentimes the idea of fatigue affecting libido is thought of simply as a man being too tired for sex. But that’s not the half of it. When a person is tired or worn out the body naturally shifts resources away from other systems and applies them to restoring tissue and increasing energy levels. The reallocation of resources means the levels of testosterone and other sex-related hormones are reduced as a result.

Poor Outlook – In the modern world it’s easy for men to develop a poor outlook on life. Between a sluggish economy, worries of the future, and relationships seemingly more difficult to maintain than ever before, a man’s thinking can be altered to the point of causing him to believe the rest of his life will be a miserable failure. Since libido is largely the domain of brain processes that create hormones, a poor outlook on life that dominates a man’s thinking will interrupt the brain functions. The “gloomy Guses” of the world tend to have more libido issues than men with optimistic outlooks.

How You Can Help

Libido and your environmentAs a concerned woman, it’s normal to want to help your man get his groove back. By all means, do so. Just tread carefully and lightly, understanding the male ego is a fragile piece of work. Be careful not to:

• Add additional stress by pushing too hard
• Patronize your man or treat him like a five-year-old
• Question his devotion to you

In terms of what you can do, start by encouraging your man to take a daily male enhancement supplement. These products contain natural ingredients that help restore chemical imbalances in the male body. Enhancement supplements also encourages a natural production of testosterone by increasing luteinizing hormone. All of this is done naturally and without any adverse side effects. As an added bonus, supplements like this are very affordable.

Next, you can help greatly by helping your man find ways to de-stress. Some men like to go to the golf course, others enjoy watching sporting events as a fan, and others like to relax with some good, live music. Whatever your man finds relaxing encourage him to do. You can also make a point of engaging him in activities that will get his mind off work and other stresses.

Third, if he’s also suffering from a poor outlook on life try to encourage him by reminding him of all the good things he has and has experienced in the past. Remind him that there is a brighter tomorrow and that he can choose whether to be pessimistic or optimistic. Be sure to encourage him as much as possible while at the same time refraining from cutting him down or questioning his judgment.

Change the Environment, Change the Libido

In the end, it all comes down to helping your man get his groove back by changing his environment. While a male enhancement formula is a great addition to his diet, it won’t help much if you don’t deal with stress and his gloomy outlook. Once a man gets his head clear and once again begins thinking positively he will notice that his libido comes back. And combined with the right supplement, it should come back in a big way.


Author: Peter

Peter is an experienced author specializing in men's health issues. He started Totalpenishealth.com in 2007 and is dedicated to continue to grow the website to become a recognized resource for men worldwide.