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The Effects of Weight Gain on Your Sex Life

It’s probably safe to say that most Americans already know that putting on weight inhibits their sex life to some degree. But it’s probably also safe to say that many don’t know why, beyond the fact that we tend to find excess weight sexually unattractive. The visual cues are certainly part of the equation, but they don’t tell the entire story. When we put on excess weight it causes physiological changes which inhibit libido, cause complications that make sex more difficult, and contribute to serious diseases which can completely destroy a couple’s sex life.

The Effects of Weight Gain on Your Sex LifeIt should be no surprise that studies have shown that America’s view of healthy sexual relationships has fallen in relation to the rise of obesity rates. Where couples used to enjoy healthy sex lives well into their 60s and 70s (some still do today) that’s no longer the norm. Couples undergoing marriage counseling and sexual therapy often report that their sex lives have greatly diminished over the years. This is neither healthy nor necessary. There are ways to deal with all the issues involved, including weight gain.

Reduced Libido

According to Dr. Kevin Pezzi, author of The Science of Sex, excess weight gain can play havoc with the libido in both men and women. He cites several reasons including:

  • Loss of Sexual Attraction – Dr. Pezzi is quick to point out something we’ve always known but are increasingly unwilling to admit; the fact that visual stimuli plays an important role in libido. While men may be more stimulated by physical appearance than women, the female sex is not completely devoid of visual stimulation. The truth of the matter is that both sexes are excited by what they see, at least in some part, and that excitement plays a big role in the libido. If your partner is physically unattractive to you it tends to stunt the libido, and vice versa.

Think of it in terms of sitting down at a fine restaurant for a meal. Regardless of how good a specific recipe tastes, if it looks like something the cook dragged out of the dumpster you will likely lose your appetite before you take the first bite. That’s why students in culinary school are trained as much in presentation as they are in preparation. Sexual attraction between men and women works much the same way in terms of visual stimulation.

  • Hormonal Changes – Libido is also heavily dependent on hormone levels in both men and women. As we age the hormones that stimulate our libido are typically produced in less volume, subsequently causing a drop in libido. The hormonal changes can be exacerbated by excess weight, diet, and underlying conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disease. When excess weight is dealt with many of these underlying conditions are greatly improved and hormonal levels are more likely to increase as a result.
  • Physical Impairments – The last area Dr. Pezzi addresses is one of mechanics. For a man who is obese, deep penetration during sexual intercourse becomes more difficult because his “love handles” get in the way. For obese women, the extra weight discourages her from moving straight up and down during intercourse in which she’s on top, causing her to use a sliding motion instead. This decreases the pleasure for her and her man. And when both partners are obese the results are obvious. Because excess weight interferes with the pleasure of the sexual experience and has an automatic damping effect on libido.

The Best Solutions

Obviously, the most helpful solution when excess weight becomes a libido issue is to lose that weight. In younger people this is much easier because they have a more active metabolism better able to burn calories with some moderate exercise. In older people a slower metabolism makes it more difficult. But regardless of the age, you can reduce excess weight by limiting calorie intake and engaging in light to moderate exercise.

In the meantime, daily supplements that increase libido and hormone levels are very helpful. For men, products such as male enhancement pills work rather well. These daily supplements are normally made of all-natural ingredients which helps stimulate libido in several different ways. In addition, the product also helps to increase ejaculate volume and a man’s ability to achieve and maintain rock hard erections. For men suffering from premature ejaculation, Rizer XL is helpful in controlling the condition.

Despite the fact that excess weight can hinder our sexual relationships the good news is that, for most people, it’s something that can be dealt with. You may never again have the “perfect” body of a supermodel, but for every pound you lose you’ll be increasing the chances that your libido, as well as that of your partner, will return to more normal levels. For many of us, the promise of a better sex life is all the motivation we need to shed the extra weight.


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