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The Sex Research That Might Have Your Reaching For the Whip

Sex Research

Everyone wants to be happy and science has been looking for the key to happiness since the dawn of man. The Beatles said ‘You Can’t Buy Me Love’ and while some debate that position, science has uncovered an interesting correlation between a person’s sex life and their overall levels of happiness.

Getting Wicked and Getting Happy

Sex ResearchA study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine examined the sexual practices and overall happiness of a group of people who participate the bondage or BDSM scene. During the study, over 900 BDSM participants and more than 400 control participants were used to study how this specific sexual lifestyle affected the person’s overall emotional health. For many years, researchers believed the BDSM lifestyle was a type of psychopathology, or a type of maladaptive behavior. However, this new study shows that active participants in safe, sane and consensual BDSM have higher levels of general well being than the control group which was made up of people with more ‘traditional’ sexual tastes.

Some have theorized this increased sense of well being comes from the fact that BDSM fans have this outlet to get out their feelings and engage in a form of sex play that allows them to reduce their stress, let go and have fun. This can show just how much of an effect a positive and healthy sex life can have on a person’s well being. However, the correlation between a happy sex life and a happy personal life is nothing new.

Your Sex Life and Happiness – The Surprising Connection

Several studies have found a link between a healthy and rewarding sex life and a happy life in general. That’s because sex is such an important part of our physical and psychological makeup. Developing and maintaining a healthy, active and pleasurable sex life relieves stress, boosts your body’s immune system and gives you a regular release of dopamine, the body’s own ‘feel good’ chemical. One study carried out jointly by economist David Blanchflower at Dartmouth College and Andrew Oswald out of the University of Warwick discovered that a person’s sex life may even have more power over their happiness than their bank account. Their study was conducted by examining the levels of sexual activity and happiness of more than 16,000 people. At the end of their study, the team found that sexual activity had a huge impact on the overall happiness of participants. Once the team was able to figure out and quantify their results, they estimated that a happy sex life resulted in a boost of happiness that was equivalent to about a $50,000 per year salary.

Sexual health and history is a popular area of study for a number of reasons. First, people are simply interested in the personal and sexual lives of others – it’s a part of our psychological makeup. But, more importantly,. Learning more about how sex affects each of us makes it possible for us to learn more about how healthy sex can boost our moods and improve our lives. This research often leads people to begin finding their own ways to be happy in the bedroom and, in many cases, gives people a sense of sexual freedom they never experienced before. It also empowers people to take control of their own sexual health. In some cases, that may call for exploring various options to improve sexual performance or confidence, such as using devices like a penis extender for greater sexual confidence or herbal supplements to aid performance.

Studies such as these can help people to finally take the steps they need in order to achieve the sex life they want – and deserve! Ultimately, there’s nothing too shocking about learning that a healthy and happy sex life makes for a healthy and happy life in general. But having the scientific backing does give many people the confidence they need to explore options that they had always been too shy to embrace before. This most recent study also builds upon a growing popularity of the BDSM lifestyle and may provide many people with the strength and encouragement they need to finally come out of the closet and wield their whip with confidence.


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