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The Truth – Are Male Enhancement Pills Better Than Gels?

Male enhancement gels

Male enhancement pills, patches and gels are all available in abundance on the market. They can be quite hard to decide between as they all seem to offer the same benefits. Pills are undoubtedly the most popular    options, but gels have some worth as well. The question on everybody’s mind is whether pills or gels are better. Read on to find out more about which type of treatment is better for providing short term gains in the bedroom.

Messy, Messy, Messy

Male enhancement gelsThe worst thing about gels, when compared with high quality male enhancement pills is the mess. It’s messy to grab a handful of gel and slap it on the penis. Not only is it messy for the male, it’s messy for the woman as well. The penis is going into her vagina and it’s going to cause a lot of mess. Some people are adverse to mess, which is why food will never enter into their foreplay sessions.

With pills there are no such problems. They are simply taken at the designated time and the benefits appear in just a few minutes. It’s the major advantage pills have over gels, and is why people shouldn’t be looking at gels if they prefer their sex to be relatively clean.

Safety Concerns

Both gels and pills have their critics who believe all of them are completely unsafe. It’s a concern which is founded on decades of faulty products, but the male health industry has begun to clean itself up and there are fewer rogue brands than ever. Users are not putting up with the lies and the deceit any longer. When a rogue brand comes onto the market the news spreads like wildfire and they are quickly excommunicated.

Women who use gels still have a right to be concerned because the decision on the product isn’t her decision. The gel is simply placed onto the penis and they are expected to roll with it. It’s precisely why a lot of women just won’t accept gels in the bedroom. Some have been known to cause side effects like rashes and severe irritation.

Pills are a different kettle of fish. Firstly, the product only impacts the person taking it. The major benefit is the woman isn’t impacted even if the product is faulty and does cause some problems. Overall, pills are the safer option.


No man wants to admit they are having problems with their sexual performance. It’s a mark of inferiority and should be avoided at all costs, at least in their minds. Discretion is therefore the key. For obvious reasons, it’s impossible to be discrete when it comes to gels. It automatically makes it something to be avoided for people looking for discretion.

Pills can be discrete since they don’t have to be taken just before sex, a lot of the time. Partners need never know a pill has been taken since no outward signs of their use are demonstrated. Some companies are even willing to send their products out to customers in unmarked packaging for an extra layer of secrecy.

Range of Benefits

The range of benefits has to go towards pills because they can do so much. Gels are generally only there to improve erections and to make them last longer. They can’t increase the amount of sperm produced or increase the intensity of an orgasm. Instead, use pills and a whole myriad of benefits can be acquired. Here are just some of the advantages users can obtain if they decide to opt for pills instead of gels:

An increased amount of libido, which is especially useful for older people who naturally have less active hormones as they get older.

Larger and harder erections. Replicate the action of a penis pump.

More intense orgasms. Feel the extra power during the crescendo of sex.

Produce more sperm. An additional amount of sperm is produced, which is crucial if a couple is trying to have a child.

It has to be said all pills don’t have these benefits. Only certain high quality brands possess these qualities in one blend. Normally, pills are targeted towards certain benefits along. Viagra is the most prominent example of a pill engineered towards one aspect of sex.


The effectiveness of various pills and potions has long been debated over the years. It’s not really something which can be answered clearly due to the difference in quality between brands. Gels and pills do work in certain capacities, yet at the same time some gels and pills are of a poor quality and do nothing but cause problems. There’s no definitive answer to which type of treatment is most effective, so it’s important to take each brand at face value.

Carry out proper research on each brand before making a final decision. However, it’s equally important to take into account the opinions of people who have already used the products before. There’s much more to a quality product than just the propaganda pumped out by each individual brand.


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