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How Penis Extenders Differ – Revealed

A penis extender is a fantastic penis enlargement method for men who want to find a long term solution to the size problems they are experiencing. It can also have a massive impact on the mental health of the individual, which is why these products can actually be considered essential medical devices. However, there are a multitude of different penis extenders out there. They do have a lot of differences associated with them, and they can impact the health of a male differently.

Mental Problems Caused by an Inferior Penis

Mental Problems Caused by an Inferior PenisIt might sound silly to those who don’t understand, but in male circles the size of the penis is important. It’s a symbol of how masculine the individual is and an example of how well they can pleasure their sexual partners. Men with smaller penises tend to experience mental issues if they are not okay with the size they have. Just some of the issues that can arise are listed below.

  • A loss of self-esteem as they believe that something is wrong with them.
  • Depression due to an inferiority complex.
  • Self-harm, which is an intensifying of the depression process and instead of releasing their anger they take it out on themselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, because there are penis enlargement devices that can help with these issues. The extender is just one of them and there are differences between them. The differences are outlined below and can either solve or make the above problems even worse.


There’s a marked difference in quality between the materials used in various penis enlargement solutions. The penis extender is a particularly dangerous product to use in conjunction with poor quality materials because it can cause searing pain and significant amounts of discomfort when used. A penis extender should be using medical materials so that the device won’t corrode or rust over time. Silicone straps or pads should be holding the penis in place whilst not producing any amount of discomfort. Some extenders even use rough materials that irritate the skin and cause rashes.

Ideally, the material of the structure of the product should be made out of something like aluminum as this can make sure that it can be carried around throughout the day. Men who are on the go tend to use them whilst carrying out their daily activities, so this is a fantastic advantage.


Guaranteed Penis ExtendersAny penis extender that does have a reputation for quality will always have some form of guarantee on it. A guarantee is the manufacturer’s way of saying that they are confident in the product and know exactly what will happen when it’s used. The industry standard is to provide a money back guarantee that’s valid for at least 90 days from the time the order was placed, but discerning customers tend to aim for longer lasting guarantees.

However, some products don’t even provide a guarantee. If this is the case then it’s a sign that the product may not work. The worst thing that can happen to any man’s health is that they put their faith in something that doesn’t end up working. Trust is then completely eliminated and they’ll never trust any male enhancement products again. For the sake of health make sure that a guarantee is in place.


A common difference is in what actually comes with the penis extender. The male enhancement industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world and thus manufacturers need to try and get ahead of the competition. In response to this need to get ahead of the competition they will create packages for their products that can be bought for different prices. And many are even just providing extra tools at no additional charge.

Some favorite products that are always worth picking up include:

  • The comfort pads that protect the thighs whilst the penis enlargement tool is in use will eventually wear away, so extra comfort pads are always welcomed as it saves money in the future.
  • Male enhancement pills. Remember, male enhancement is not the same as penis enlargement. The male enhancement side of things is supposed to enhance the penis for a temporary period time, whereas penis enlargement devices are there to provide a permanent solution. Combining both of these things can make it a fantastic combination for that next sexual experience.
  • Sexual guidance DVDs are great for improving those crucial bedroom techniques. Entirely unrelated to increasing the size of the penis, but they are token gifts that are much appreciated.

Remember, all the added extras are a part of showing that the manufacturer is committed to achieving customer satisfaction whilst improving the health of those who buy their products.


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