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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Penis Extender

5 Things about penis extenders

The penis extender is the ultimate tool for obtaining the benefits provided by comprehensive penis enlargement. Although there are still quite a few misconceptions floating around about extenders as a whole, they are beginning to break into mainstream society. Simply take a look at how many people are using them now and it’s clear for all to see. Even those who are using these devices may not know everything about them. So here are five things that people often don’t know about their extenders.

Everybody Knows That you’re Wearing a Penis Extender

The only people who will know anything about a penis extender are those that are consciously brought into the fold. Nobody can ever find out about it unless they’re told first. Firstly, shipping and packaging is often discreet, no matter which company happens to sell the device in question. High quality brands will always be looking to be as discreet as possible. Whilst most users agree that there’s nothing wrong with seeking self-improvement, it’s still considered quite a taboo subject by many, so to avoid any potential problems it’s just easier to ship it in an unmarked package.

They can even be worn during any daily routine. As long as loose-fitting clothing is worn then a penis enlargement device can be worn whilst at work, during a shopping trip, or even whilst out at lunch. But most men still prefer to wear them at home anyway since it’s quite a therapeutic process.

Expect Girth Too

When people speak of penis enlargement they will often refer to the increase in length. Girth is something that’s so often forgotten about, yet at the same time it’s so important. Having a long penis is no use if there isn’t some added girth because not only will it look disproportionate, it won’t provide as much pleasure for a partner. If the penis is wider then more of it is going to be in contact with the vaginal walls, which is always going to translate to an increased amount of pleasure.

Penis extenders do increase the girth due to the science behind it. Since the principle of enlarging the penis comes directly from cell replication and multiplication the body will naturally fill in the gaps as the penis grows longer. That’s how men gain some additional girth. Take note that this will only apply up until a certain point. Sooner or later there’s going to be some form of disproportion between length and girth.

It’s Actually Comfortable

Comfort is something that isn’t often associated with the stretching of the penis. On the contrary, it’s often thought of as quite a painful process. But high quality brands, have now brought in additional tools by which the level of comfort can be increased. Here are just a few of the changes that the industry has made for the benefit of consumers:

• Including a strap instead of a loop that goes around the head of the penis.
• Soft and comfortable material that comes into contact with the thighs, which prevents rashes and itching.
• Double Strap Support system to make sure that the penis is held securely in place.

To achieve comfort it does require some input from the user, however. Always read the instructions because each extender differs radically. If the instructions aren’t followed to the letter then it will usually lead to a significant amount of discomfort. The best tip that can be given is to make sure that the traction device isn’t too strong in the beginning. Ease into this process to make sure that none of the skin is torn beyond recognition. The device works through micro tears that can’t be seen and can’t be felt.

The Only Option

When it comes to penis enlargement the penis extender is really the only option. People will often confuse enlargement pills with enhancement pills. Enlargement pills don’t work and no studies have revealed anything that would demonstrate that they have any potential at all. What do work are male enhancement pills. These pills are designed to increase the amount of sperm that’s produced during ejaculation, the duration of an erection, and an increased amount of libido.

The truth is that enhancement pills can be used alongside extenders without experiencing any problems at all. In fact, it’s something that’s encouraged as awesome results can be gained from simply using them alongside each other. Just don’t confuse them with enlargement as studies have shown that the only devices that actually can give these results are extenders.

Road to Ruin

Some individuals have claimed that the penis function can be irreparably damaged by use of an extender. That couldn’t be more wrong because high-end brands are actually designed to enhance the function of the penis. Regular use of an extender can mean that a greater amount of blood is circulated around the penis. Better erections are gained by the penis becoming engorged with additional influxes of blood, so these devices can actually provide some of the benefits of penis enhancement pills.


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