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Does Chocolate Enhance Your Sexual Desire?

You may not know this, but chocolate is supposed to be a very potent aphrodisiac.  It has long been rumored that eating chocolate can make you crave sex, but how much truth is there behind this legend?  Does Chocolate Enhance Your Sexual Desire?For years people have thought that surely something so delicious and so pleasurable to eat must have some basic connection to sex.  However, while it’s possible that the fleeting pleasure you feel when eating a gooey piece of chocolate can jump start your libido, it’s most likely not true.  That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it, though!

Chocolate is one of those foods that taste so good it’s often classified as a sinful treat, but the truth is that there are some medicinal connections.  The darker the chocolate is, the closer it is to the product that is actually produced in nature and in its natural state cocoa contains a large amount of antioxidants.  These are things that can help increase circulation and prevent heart disease.  It may be this basic connection that ties into the myth of chocolate as an aphrodisiac because increased blood flow means more stimulation to both partners and more blood flow to the penis, making the erection harder.

Does Chocolate Enhance Your Sexual Desire?

There is no direct scientific evidence that links chocolate to our sexual desire / drive; but if people believe that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it becomes one.  The human mind is an amazing thing, and if you honestly believe that chocolate helps you become aroused, then it does.  Even better, get her to believe it and see if it makes your sex life any better!

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