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Dealing With a Damaged Penis Extender

Damages to your penis extender

When a penis extender becomes damaged it’s important to deal with it straight away as ignoring it can have negative results for the user. First of all, it’s necessary to assess the extender for any damage that may have Damages to your penis extenderoccurred. Some of the problems associated with these devices are actually unnoticeable until they start to cause damage. What follows are the various methods on how to deal with a penis extender that has become damaged.

Spotting the Damage

As already mentioned, many of the things that can go wrong with one of these penis extenders are only noticed after they actually start causing irreversible damage. Spotting the damage can be done in a wide variety of ways, but here are just some of the catastrophic issues that can occur as a result of failing to notice that something has gone wrong.

If something goes wrong with the strap or loop then it could mean that the head of the penis has its blood flow cut off. Once the blood has been cut off the head of the penis won’t be able to survive for long before the tissue begins to die.

The material can wear away and can irritate the skin. Those who have allergies could have those inflamed by the rubbing of the extender against the skin.

The heart of any penis extender is the traction. If something goes wrong with the settings then it could mean that it’s too tight, which may end up twisting and tearing the ligaments and skin of the penis.

Noticing these problems usually comes with feeling. All of the damage caused comes only as a result of prolonged use of a faulty product. Feeling some pain or irritation in the first few minutes won’t cause any damage as long as use of the item is stopped immediately. That’s the number one way to spot any problems.

Another method of detecting issues with an extender is by looking for any cracks or tears in the material. From the outside it might seem easy to see this. It’s not as easy as it looks, however, due to the fact that many of the visible signs are only small or can only be spotted when all parts of the item are inspected.

Preventing Problems

In an ideal world there wouldn’t be any problems at all. Products would just stay the same forever and nothing would go wrong. Sadly, that world doesn’t exist, so opt for the second best thing by taking a look at damage prevention. Preventing damage is not actually that difficult as it just takes a proper care routine to carry out.

bacteriaAfter every use the extender should be washed with a damp cloth to make sure that no bacteria have clung to the device. Never underestimate the impact of bacteria on any man. If the bacteria are particularly harmful then it could mean that infections occur. To avoid infections make sure that the tool is regularly cleaned and that it isn’t used when there are any open wounds present on the thighs or the penis.

The number one way of preventing any issues is just to make sure that a high quality penis extender brand is chosen. The higher end brands will cost users more in both the short term and the long term, but what they get back in terms of quality makes it all worth it.

Take a look at our detailed penis extender reviews, of which quality accounts for 10% of the rating.

Looking at the materials that are used to build the high quality products is one way to see difference. Doctors that speak of extenders that can be given out as a medical treatment are speaking of the ones that utilize medical grade materials. Medical grade materials are the types of materials that don’t react with the body and are engineered to last for a significant period of time. This can also be seen in the part that goes around the head of the penis. Most extenders will either use a strap or a loop. Make sure whatever system you choose, that the straps are made out of medical grade materials. That’s a telltale sign of an extender that’s not going to cause any problems.

How Long Can an Extender Last?

There will be some damage to the extender sooner or later as that’s just natural wear and tear. Even the strongest materials will experience some damage at some point during their lives. The same thing applies to extenders. Generally, a good extender will be able to last for years without needing to be completely replaced; although it will vary depending on how often it’s used. As long as proper care and maintenance is carried out on a regular basis then there are going to be no issues for a very long time.


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