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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Male Enhancement Supplement

Penis enlargement is something that thousands of men think about but are never quite sure on how to go about doing it. There are hundreds of methods, various procedures, tons of complex devices, a plethora of oral supplements, and much more! It can be very overwhelming for men who are simply looking for some unbiased information about penis enlargement. Here at we make it our mission to provide expert reviews on penis enlargement products as well as easy to understand information about everything else related to penis health.

When men begin their quest for penis enlargement they first need to learn the basics before purchasing a product. Here in this article we will cover everything that men need to know about specific penis enlargement products, how each type of product works, and why trusted reviews by experts are essential.

So what types of penis enlargement products are there? Well there are a wide variety of penis enlargement products however not all of them are certified, guaranteed, trusted, and even safe. Knowing what different enlargement options are available is essential in choosing the one that is perfect for you. The majority of clinically proven products fall under two main categories: Male Enhancement pills and penis extenders.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male Enhancement pills have been widely successful throughout the world for many years. The most famous one being Viagra however there has since been numerous alternatives that are just as effective but have varying prices. Pills must be taken daily and, unfortunately, do not provide permanent results.

Pros: These are generally fairly affordable and will instantly allow men to enjoy erections to their fullest and for a longer period of time. Additionally taking a pill is not time consuming and is a great fix for premature ejaculation.

Cons: Unfortunately male enhancement pills do not actually enlarge a man’s penis; they just allow him to enjoy a full erection. On top of that if a man wants to perform well on a daily basis he will find that purchasing pills may be a bit more expensive.

Conclusion: Male enhancement pills are great when used for “sexual performance enhancement” and not for penis enlargement.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are devices that are physically attached to a man’s penis and use slow tension to permanently enlarge it. These devices work because when tension is applied and it stretched out the penis the cells will split and actually enlarge it over time.

Pros: Provides permanent results that will leave a man with a bigger penis for the rest of his life. On top of that these devices are a one-time purchase – no constant subscriptions every month. Also, these devices will fix any curvature in the penis.

Cons: The penis extender device must be worn for a set period of time (couple hours each day) and the results are after progressive use. It also does not provide immediate results, something that men may find rather disappointing. Only through regular use will this product provide lasting results.

Conclusion: If you are looking for permanent penis enlargement there are only two choices: Penis extenders or penis enlargement surgery. The choice is easy: We recommend penis extenders all the way.

When looking to purchase penis enlargement product men should carefully consider their options and make sure that the results they are expecting are realistic. None of these products can add a full foot or more in length onto a man’s penis, however using an extender as directed may add several inches and the pills will increase erection size. Unfortunately not all products will work which is why reading trusted reviews is essential.

There are companies everywhere that will make false reviews of their products just so they can mislead consumers and make more money. When you are dealing with something as important as your penis then you need to ensure the product you purchase will not only work, but that it won’t cause any damage or have any lasting side effects. This is why is the number one place for all penis relaxed questions and reviews.

You are probably wondering who does all of the reviews at and rightfully so. Knowing who is creating the reviews you will likely base a very important decision on is crucial. That’s why, at, there is a trusted collection of unbiased reviewers. The reviewers at are not paid, do not work for some company, and they will honestly tell you all of the pros and cons of a wide variety of penis enlargement products. Their goal is to ensure that you can safely make an educated decision without having to sift through the multitude of false reviews.

Whether you are just starting your journey towards penis enlargement, or you are simply looking for a better product and some reliable reviews, TotalPenisHealth is the number one place to go. There is a vast amount of information on all types of penis enlargement methods as well as unbiased reviews. For men simply looking to learn more about penis health, sex, and everything else, there is a wide variety of informative articles to satisfy their curiosity. Find everything and more at!


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