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The Leading Male Enhancement Supplements of 2013

In this section we’ve rated and reviewed the world’s leading male enhancement supplements. Each supplement takes a different approach in their formulation as they endeavor to create the ultimate male enhancement pill. Male Enhancement Review Scorecard System Not all male enhancement supplements are created equal and there can only be one winner.

We’ve developed a 10 point system that rates only the most important factors worth noting when making your choice. These crucial factors include the supplements performance, safety and quality. Additional points are awarded for the company’s reputation and dedication to customer satisfaction. Categories include customer service, shipping time, manufacturing conditions and overall value.

If you are shopping for the best male enhancement pill, you should consider these main criteria as your starting point.

Choose from our reviews of world’s most popular brands and find out how they performed.

Rizer XL Review

Rizer XL™ Review

First Place for 2013: Rizer XL™

At we've unanimously agreed Rizer XL™ is the most complete natural male enhancement supplement available. Fast Acting, Zero Side Effects and Completely Safe, Rizer XL™ lives up to its claim as the hardest hitting formula giving unsurpassed rock hard erections, unbelievable sexual stamina, an end to premature ejaculation and ...

Male Extra Review

Male Extra™ Review

Second Place for 2013: Male Extra™

Remember, Male Extra™ isn't something that has just been thrown together, this is a Brand New uniquely blended formula which has been is based on careful scientific research. It did pretty well in the rankings with it's shortcoming being ...

Pro Solution Pills Review

Pro Solution Pills™ Review

Third Place for 2013: Pro Solution Pills™

Pro Solution Pills includes a few exclusive ingredients that aren't available with any other enhancement supplement. It's a pretty good supplement overall.

For more details, click below to find out what our review panel thought about Pro Solution Pills.

Performer5 Review

Performer5™ Review

Fifth Place for 2013: Performer5™

Performer5 aims to eradicate premature ejaculation with the help of all natural ingredients which they claim will make you last longer. It doesn't exactly fall into the "male enhancement" category but is pretty good at accomplishing what it's intended to do ...